What Is An Animal Totem?

Animal totems what are they
Animal totems what are they

What is an animal spirit guide? The Quokka says. every day, signs, and symbols play a part in our lives, guiding us, warning us, celebrating our achievements and showing us things to come. The question is not, “Are these signs and symbols really telling me something?” The question is, “Do you look for and listen to the signs and symbols placed in front of you every day?

What Is An Animal Totem

Our beautiful and ancient loyal friends along with their co-companions, and the animals, share their messages and symbolism with us all the time. Guiding us, warning us, saving our lives, and bringing joy to our hearts.

Animals possess a heightened sixth sense, a psychic ability that is natural to them and should be with us. This is the lesson our animal spirits teach the most. To be in tune with ourselves and the world around us, but not just in tune hypersensitive and extremely intuitive.

There are two distinct sides to the magic of animals, the physical side which I have spoken about above, and the spiritual side. The physical signs and symbols pertaining to animals show themselves at significant times in our lives. For example, two white butterflies at a wedding are a strong sign of the animal spirits this union has blessings.

The spiritual side is the astral world and dream states, where the animal spirits befriend us, guide us on our spiritual journeys, and teach us their wisdom through visualization. Animals communicate through pictures, especially cats and dogs.

Thus to receive a telepathic message from a cat or a dog you have to send it a picture of what you’re wanting, built from your own mind’s eye. The same goes for when an animal’s spirit communicates with you, it will be through pictures.

Animal spirit guides or totem animal oracles fall into a number of categories, they could be your passed-over pets or horse you used to feed across the road. The spiritual essence of each animal has its own collective, for instance, the owl in spirit knows all other owls.

This communicative collective passed over and on their way back to the physical animals, help, protect and guide us, just as they do when they’re living. Each animal has a lesson and teaching behind it, just as certain people do. The skills, attributes, and merits inherent in animals teach us wisdom, harmony, and balance, but only if we listen.

How To Work With Animal Totems

Covering the physical first, are the signs and symbols. Ever opened a door and as you do a lizard falls in front of you and then leaps off the stairs to what could be his death? Have you ever had a bat flying around inside your house? These are unusual things, right? Is there a meaning to that?

Everything happens for a reason, and it’s the subtle things that happen to us each day that provides metaphysical clues in our lives. In the first example the lizard’s message is to dream, dream big, but most of all, go for your dreams and take the leap of faith. The bat is warning the occupants there is a change within the household about to happen. See the signs and read their messages.

On the spiritual side, animals communicate best through our dreams, taking us on journeys into the astral, and teaching us the way of magic life. If we dream of a particular animal this provides a strong sign we are to listen to their wisdom and learn their teachings.

Having an animal spirit visit you in your dreams is symbolic of them being your spirit guide and trying to get a message to you. Confusingly this is followed by the physical appearance of the animal at some stage.

Once you have recognized and established a connection with your animal spirit guide, it’s possible to work together to achieve spiritual goals. For instance, the crow has magic that allows him to cross from the astral world into the living without changing form or dying. This allows him to get a message to your loved ones or other spirits. Crow brings them the message and returns a message.

We have animal spirit guides that may change as we grow spiritually, but we have an animal spirit with which we are born, our totem animal. It’s in the eyes of babies the animal that resides as a protector for each human being, but it’s more than that.

The animal is a part of our personality the animal spirit within is made up of the animals we once were in our previous lives. Giving us an unbreakable bond with a particular animal, ever wondered why you want to work with, see or save a particular animal?

In Conclusion

All day every day we are presented with the signs and symbols of animals to guide us. If not the animals, it will be the trees, the plant life, other people, and what we call coincidence. Knowing the wisdom of your animal spirit, reaching out to them, and allowing them to show you their spiritual way is the shamans’ path.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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