Sowilo Rune Stone Meaning

Sowilo Rune Stone Meaning
Sowilo Rune Stone Meaning

The rune of an awakening fresh new dawn in the conscious mind. An enlightening of the mind-body and soul. A spiritual calling is one that draws you closer to the self and understands exactly who you are and what you’re wanting from life.

Sowilo Rune Stone Meaning

Sowilo Rune Stone Meaning and spiritual esoteric influences for divination purposes. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark.Connections with the sun the eagle and Juniper trees. Sowilo is the rune marked on Harry Potters’s head by Voldemort.

Good health and quality of life are suggested by this rune. A rune of magical power bringing new life and new energies. Sowilo is the perfect soil in which to grow strong healthy seedlings.

Sowilo asks us to move on to our dreams and take little steps to bring them into reality. Let the sunshine in on your ideas and enthusiasm. Like the bolt of lightning, it suggests movement and progression will happen quickly when this rune is drawn. A powerful rune sowilo with suggestions of psychic intent.

 Phonetic: S – Sun
God: Baldur
Keywords: Success, gratitude, life force health
Symbolic Meaning: Sunlight of truth
Element: Air
Health: Skin
Polarity: Feminine

When Sowilo appears reversed it augers a time rest. A period of giving yourself and the universe time to move back into the correct ebb and flow. Only a short time, but needed to transform the self, and guide the mind from the soul.

Magical Uses Of Sowilo Rune

Carved onto bowls and spoons turns any elixir of magic into a potion. Place it on the outside of the house above the front door for supernatural protection. Use silver candles to evoke the energy of new life, breathing life into an empty or dead vessel. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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