Spindle Spiritual Meaning

Spindle Spiritual Meaning
Euonymus Spiritual Meaning

Ogham Letter: OI or OE
English: Spindle
Celtic: Oir
Latin: Euonymus europaeus

Spindle Spiritual Meaning

Spindle represents a sudden positive change in one’s life. Thunder and lightning, Sudden revelations. Completion of an obligation. Wealth or inspired knowledge. Gold. The tree is called Spindle after the Turkish spindle, which is in the shape of a cross rather than the circular one of recent times. Spindle And Candle Magik >

The Spindle tree is now listed as a threatened or endangered shrub but young shoots were once made into charcoal and gunpowder. The timber of the wood is soft and ideal carving material. It was used to make spindles, knitting needles, and pegs.

The spindle spiritual meaning is represented in Manannan’s crane bag as the King of Lochlainn’s helmet. Due to its name – it can be related to any of the Spinning and weaving mythology found around the globe. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles 

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