Mistletoe Spiritual Meaning

Mistletoe Spiritual Meaning

Mistletoe Spiritual Meaning

Death, Fertility, Healing, Sacrifice, Exorcism. Unknowable. Some say it is not officially a part of the Celtic Ogham. It was, however, sacred to the druids, as it grows on the Oak Tree and to me is a mystical and magical plant. It was thought to have fallen from heaven onto the mighty oak. It has no roots in the earth so it was interpreted as being between places – a place between the worlds.

Letter: U
English: Mistletoe
Celtic: The Unspeakable
Latin: Viscum album
Element: Air
Astrology: Sun
Animal: Cow, Pheasant.

Mistletoe Healing Benefits

Mistletoe’s spiritual meaning has numerous medicinal uses. It is called “all-heal” and the “Chieftains tree” Sometimes also referred to as the ‘black’ ogham, which in Runic traditions represents the unknown or unknowable. Although the berries are poisonous, the plant can be used to treat depression, hypertension, insomnia, stress, cancer, and tumours.

It has the ability to reduce pulse and lower blood pressure. It can also be used to treat epilepsy and digestive conditions and like the Heather, a Mistletoe tea can boost the immune system and is a good general tonic.

Ogham Magical Uses Mistletoe

It was used to decorate the house at Christmas time until the early Christian church banned its use. Hanging it in the house was thought to protect against evil, lightning strikes, and fire. Kissing under the mistletoe during the festive season brings good luck, fertility, and protection. Hungover the bed was believed to bring good dreams and a night of peaceful sleep. A plant of dawn and dusk, a magic portal – the opening of a gateway between the living and the dead.

Mistletoe Mythology

Associated with two Sun Gods, Apollo, and Balder. It is shaped like a globe, and when seen on the deciduous Oak, Apple and Poplar in winter, appeared like a ray of sunshine – hope for a new life. It was also considered to be masculine because of the white substance which exudes from the berries, thus its association with fertility and new life amongst death and decay. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles

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