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Crocodile Animal Totem Meaning

Crocodile animal totem meaning or spirit guide animal and the spiritual and
metaphysical meanings. Find out if the crocodile is your spirit guide.

Crocodile Animal Totem

Crocodile Animal Totem Meaning

Earth Magic, Protection, Ancient Wisdom, Health negative and positive aspects, Psychic awareness through a strong connection with the earth and its weather patterns, A knowing of thyself both the positive and the negative, allowing protection against deceit and wrong-doing.

Emotional intelligence, Primal forces, Ancient healing, Longevity, Empathically sensitive, Endurance. Australian Aborigines call the crocodile “Baru” and associate him with the element fire and sometimes used as a totem for revenge.

Supreme Meditator

Earth magic,
crocodile has the secret.
The possessor crocodile can be,
the healer he is. Don’t be deceived,
a crocodile is a spiritual being.

Crocodile Spiritual Meaning 

Spiritual connections to the mythical Dragon. Crocodile breathes creativity with the utmost of clarity channelling intuition to guide his every move. Crocodile is a master at meditation and patience practising daily for his survival.

A unique sense of motherhood accompanies spirit guide animal crocodile, for those with a natural gift of motherhood, but also those who need to acquire the necessary skills. The gaining of newfound knowledge both from the spirit world and the physical world.

Totem Animal Crocodile 

Crocodile totems have the power to ward away evil spirits and bad omens. Crocodile is essentially a peaceful spiritual being with a total understanding of the yin and yang of the world. Having a crocodile as a spirit animal asks you to nurture your intuition, stay calm in heated situations and to see the greater good of all things.

Crocodile magic has the ability to reveal all that is hidden to expose all that is untrue and to retain balance when all seems out of control. Animal spirit guide Crocodile teaches the art of facing fear and using it as a force to drive out fear.

How Do You Know If Crocodile Is Needed In Your Life Or Is Your Spirit Guide

Crocodile animal spirit will appear in our lives in many ways we may dream of him or just find the urge to visit the creature in the wild, this is a sign of crocodile coming to us as a spirit animal for guidance.

Crocodile animal spirit augers a time when calmness and meditation are needed in our lives, to provide clarity for the future. The crocodile may just show himself in an emotional crisis or severe health issue, this is a sign that healing may be found by gathering strength and endurance and focusing on ancient healing techniques and foods.

To Dream Of Crocodiles

The spiritual meaning of crocodile in dreams. Dreaming of a crocodile attack in a dream augers to hold caution, to be careful and be on the lookout for others trying to take advantage. If crocodile appears in your dream as a protector you can be sure he is evoking your attention for guidance. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.