African Violet Meaning Voodoo Magic

African Violet Spiritual Meaning
African Violet Spiritual Meaning

African violet flowers speak the language of love, deep everlasting soul mate love. As though a divine presence lies between two souls forever holding them together. All flowers radiate peace, love and harmony but no other does it the way the African Violet can.

With sultry sexualism and slinky passionate looks, the African violet lures you into her magic spell. Hypnotising you into spending time with her. A flower speaks a thousand words without a whisper, shares its knowledge without a sound and breaths life where there wasn’t any. The African Violet is a true goddess in her own right.

African Violets are a little difficult to grow for the beginner after all it is a goddess who were nurtured. These plants need the best care in lighting and water. If you’re up for the challenge, the beauty and the tranquil smell of the bright joyous flowers will provide happy rewards for the gardener.

A little morning (morning meditation) sun delights her, too much sun destroys her. A little moist and frequent watering, she’s not into dry harsh places. Feed them often and tell her, you love them all the time. She is fussy though you can even buy specially mixed just for her African Violet fertiliser.

African Violet Spiritual Meaning

The African Violet has a feminine energy and is connected to the planets Venus and the Moon her element is water. Capturing the true essence of the planet Venus and metaphysical meaning, love and feminity shine throughout her aura.

African Violet spiritual meaning lies in the significance of the ever-flowing shapes and textures of the plant’s leaves and flowers. Showing fluidity in design and nature the African Violet fires our creative centre. Opening our third eye with just the smell of her delightful aroma.

The African Violet is a symbol of loyalty, strength, courage, devotion and the deepest love commitment. Growing African Violets is a spiritual experience in itself teaching us less is more.

And strength is in the spirit, helping us to understand balance. Balance in health, love, commitment and longevity. Nurture her with an abundance of rich flowers and in turn, she will fill your house with joy, love and solidarity.

African Violet Purple Flower Symbolism

The colour purple is a spiritual one in itself meaning love, devotion and spirituality. African Violet flowers possess a strong protective quality binding and tieing love for its greatest purpose. Giving purple-violet flowers has a deep spiritual love meaning. It solidifies the bond within the relationship if given and accepted as a gift of love. Ensuring a long peaceful and happy marriage.

African Violet Voodoo Magic

Placing dried African Violet flowers inside your pillow protects one from nightmares, recurring dreams and wandering ghosts. Carrying a sachet of dried African Violet leaves in one’s pocket protects against possession and witchcraft or a hex pointed in your direction.

Burning the African Violet flowers as incense successfully chases away negative spirits and stray relatives and cleanses it with its pure white smoke. Giving a dead-wilted African Violet plant to an ex-lover who hasn’t been so nice, places a spell on him warding off other females to his ways. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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