Whale Spiritual Meaning

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Whale  Totem Power Animal

Whale Animal Spirit Symbolism

Ancient mystical keepers of earth and its magic, there are no secrets which are kept from whale spirit animal. Whalesong is the earth’s rhythmic heartbeat the connector between the “om” of nature and the sounds of the sea.

Joining water and earth as one, these two sounds are the sounds of mother nature herself. The whale totem is associated with the full moon, the planet Neptune and the elements water and earth.

The divine communicator whale spirit guides remind us that it is the spiritual connection between us that determines how well we communicate, not the chosen language. Through empathy, compassion, and divine knowing the whale hears all and is sensitive to every shift and murmur of the earth and its people. The whale is the earth’s speaker the communicator to the universe on our place in the galaxy as a loving or not-so-loving entity, whales have communication with other-worldly beings of superior understanding.

To harm or kill whales cuts off this connection and places great stress on the entire race of whales on the planet, those who do this brings tremendous shame and karma, not only to themselves but their entire country.

Whale symbolism speaks of the knowledge of one’s soul to follow our divine purpose, our reason for coming to earth in the first place. Whale spirit animal leads us to find our true being, our true souls’ mission, through giving light and energy to the unique gifts we all have and were all born with.

Whale Spiritual Meaning

Whale totem people are the gentle healers of their tribe, with compassion and understanding they hear the pleas of the sick and those who have lost their connection with mother nature. Whales spirit animals lead us back to nature and the simple things in life, finding gratitude in the breath, life itself. Whale spirit people are not focused on materialism, money or fame, their drive is to heal the planet and grow as spiritual beings.

Whale spirit animals are meditation masters and are naturally in a state of meditation, whale offers the sounds with which we are able to drift into meditation easily. By listening to the whale song we place ourselves in tune with mother earth’s harmonic rhythms. Look no further for a meditation teacher, a whale will show the way.

Whales are the sound healers of the sea, gently caressing our internal organs back to health by dispelling toxins and renewing tissue, all with the vibrations of pure tone.  Modern-day sonar equipment such as navigation and mining data instruments emit a negative disturbing tone for the whales, causing the whale great distress and is responsible for beached whales.

Having a whale as a totem animal grounds our sense of direction in life, giving us knowledge of who we are and who we have been and what we wish to accomplish in this lifetime around. Whale asks are you seeking to answer these questions?

Seeing whales either in life or in a dream playing naturally around us radiates positive joy and reminds us to be loving and playful toward ourselves and others. Maintaining this energy in our life no matter our circumstances bring health, happiness, higher consciousness, and a fortuitous future. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

Meditation Music – Whale Sound Healing on Youtube

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