Kiwi Spirit Animal Meaning

Kiwi Totem Animal
Kiwi Totem Animal

New Zealand is an ancient land with an ancient culture. Tribal community magic is at the forefront of its people and plants and animals. Unique ancestral earth magic. The Kiwi bird is New Zealand’s icon and supernatural protector.

Kiwi Spirit Animal Meaning

The kiwi is a nocturnal animal and prefers to play in the hours of the goddess. The feminine time of the moon. Within their foraging of food, their long beaks tap the earth. Sending out vibrations into the ground. This sound vibration resonates with the trees near them. The trees act as protection for the kiwi.

The trees and the kiwi have conversations through sound waves within the earth. Alerting them to danger, incoming traffic and the energy of the forest. The Kiwi has a strong telepathic sense for community and family. Bringing tribes together and teaching them to love and live with each other.

Planet: Moon
Sacred Tree: Elm
Energy: Masculine
Element: Earth
Supernatural Ability: Shapeshifter

Kiwi Metaphysical Abilities

The kiwi bird is a small plump flightless animal. But don’t let that fool you. The Kiwi is a transformer, a shapeshifter, and a master of the astral world. And traveller between dimensions. When the kiwi sleeps, he chooses to take the astral form of other totem animals from around the world. Each one has a purpose for the Kiwi.

To protect his borders whilst he sleeps he chooses the panther. To see what others cannot the owl is chosen. And to gather strength and power the bear is the transformation.

When the kiwi awakes at night he has the knowledge he collected during the day while asleep. Guarding his safety and path. Preparation and foresight are the Kiwi’s forte. If you are a New Zealander and or indigenous Kiwi you may be often confused about what is your animal totem because of this reason.

Kiwi Totem

Having a kiwi as your totem animal brings you luck and the power of your ancestors. Keeping your family healthy and developing a strong community will be a priority in your life. And teaching others the way of spirituality through nature will be an intimate goal.

The Kiwi totem persona is kind, loving, protective, and emotionally ambient. Their presence alone has the power to heal. For kiwi birds are the most ancient of healers. Using herbs, love and a knack for the magical abilities of nature. The Kiwi is an alchemist and witch doctor.

Another favourable personality trait of the Kiwi totem person is their sense of justice and fairness. Always seeing multiple points of view gives the Kiwi totem person an advantage in making hard but needed important decisions. Popular Kiwi totem personality Jacinda Adern NZ Prime Minister. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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