Transference Healing Foods

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Spiritual Healing Through Food

Spiritual Energy Healing is achieved in many ways with many different faiths, beliefs, and techniques. This form of energy transference is accomplished the same way we would treat a person with either Reiki or energy medicine healingTransference energy healing is spiritual healing using psychic energy transference to an object or something we eat.

Spiritual Energy Transference Healing Foods

There is a lot of information available on fresh organic spiritual healing foods and which ones contain spiritual healing energies and how to use them. However, this is not what this article is about, so rather than concentrate on the food.

I would like to focus your attention on a healing technique designed to heal you from the inside out, over a 24-hour period of normal digestion. Concentrating on the intent and psychic healing powers of the person cooking the meal.

This spiritual energy healing technique works best if you’re a Reiki master or have some ability and training in the area of spiritual energy healing. In saying that, the power of love can be so strong it will surpass the need to have experience in this area. So if you truly love the people you’re cooking for then you will achieve results.

Spiritual Energy Healing Technique

“Within the ritual contained in the preparation
of all things, the real magic is conjured”

* The day before you cook, take some time to contemplate the people you’re cooking for and ask yourself what if anything needs to be healed in them. Remember why you love them and how much you love them. Encourage good memories of times with them, culminating in a single thought of cooking for them with the intention to heal. Make this a little meditation you do three times before the moment comes to cook.

* Around an hour before you prepare the food, cleanse yourself with a relaxing shower or bath. This does several things, firstly it cleanses the body and mind of negativity attained by intermingling with others of negative energy.

When finished washing stay standing in the shower and allow yourself to drip dry a little before you step out. Close your eyes and feel the breeze on your body amplified by the water. As it drips off imagine it taking all your aches and pains away. Leaving you in a meditative state of relaxation.

Two, it is important for the healer cook to feel fresh and comfortable, allowing relaxation during the cooking process. Three, water is a healing element on its own it will naturally conjure your healing abilities to the surface.

* Organize the kitchen before you start, making sure all you need is in front of you. Light a scented candle, (lavender) is the natural choice for keeping one relaxed) play some soft music in the background. Don’t use fancy chopping equipment, the use of a wooden-handled knife is perfect. The two elements contained in the knife will help distribute the psychic healing energy.

The element metal is an amplifier of psychic energy and wood is an absorber of psychic energy. Together the knife becomes the magic wand for you to distribute your healing. Treat the food preparation and cooking process as a ritual meditation, and make sure you’re not disturbed or annoyed in any way. This will break the energy transference and may even allow negativity to enter the food.

* Before you start, place your hands on the kitchen bench, palms facing upwards, and close your eyes. Draw upon pure love and happiness, if this mind state is not achievable, do not proceed. Picture the sun and the moon in your mind’s eye, be thoughtful of their natural healing abilities, and draw upon their energy for you to heal with.

Spiritual Healing Foods The Preparation

* Begin preparing the spiritual healing foods with a strong reminder to yourself what you’re the desired goal is, to heal. Once the food is on the hot plate and beginning to cook, start to clean up what you’re able to. A clean surrounding invites clean energy.

* Finally serving the food, is the most crucial part of the magic ritual. When the food is plate ready, ask your guests to take a seat, and individually hand them their meal looking them straight in the eyes. As you do so, a flashback in your mind is all you have done to finally offer the food and pass the food on with all the love you can muster. Do not tell the person or people what you’ve done until after three days have passed.

After twenty minutes or so as digestion takes place, your guests will begin to feel happier and more comfortable. This is the first sign you have reached success with your healing intentions.

After a twenty-four-hour period of digestion, the healing really begins working its magic, during sleep mostly. Transference spiritual energy healing through food is a powerful healing method, especially for those suffering emotional difficulties and or grief.

The exact same method may be applied to an object which the person being healed owns, such as their car keys. The strongest spiritual energy healing we may give to another is the one of love, unconditional love, with no expectations of anything in return. Give a true spiritual gift. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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