Eihwaz Rune Stone Meaning

Eihwaz Rune Stone Meaning
Eihwaz Rune Stone Meaning

The thirteenth rune and the fifth rune in Hagalls Aett (eight). Eihwaz runestone has associations with death cards in the tarot. Its main message is the continuing cycle of death, birth and re-birth. Also discarding what is of no longer any use to you, and embracing what is.

Eihwaz Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings Eihwaz. Connections with the Yew tree and horse totem. Eihwaz the 13th rune embodies a little protection magic against physical, emotional, and spiritual harm. The yew tree was the chosen wood to craft a bow from as it was agile and strong. Eihwaz rune speaks the message of self-confidence entering a new project or line of work.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, and learn to utilize both in laying the foundations for a new venture or business project. The beginning of something anything is the most important phase of creation. The thoughts we have allowed our imaginations to ponder new and exciting ways to do things. Eihwaz brings this new and exciting energy to the forefront of our thinking.

 Phonetic: E – Yew tree
God: Odin, Ullr the hunter
Keywords: Strength, reliability, trust
Symbolic Meaning: Archers bow
Element: Earth – wood
Health: Eyes
Polarity: Masculine And Feminine

The reverse meaning of Eihwaz is a lack of motivation and enthusiasm to start or complete projects. Finding something to inspire the life force back into you may be difficult. But with perseverance, you will prevail. Opening new doorways to pass through.

Magical Uses Of Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz rune stone meaning has binding abilities, as the setting in stone of a new project with Eihwaz provides positive strength and longevity. Scribe Eilwaz at the top right of house plans to ensure a solid foundation. Carve into the wood used in the building process binding the structure together against wild storms. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

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