Hyades Fixed Star Meaning

Hyades Fixed Star Meaning
Hyades Fixed Star Meaning

The Hyades fixed star assemblage is a collection of six stars situated on the face of the Bull, in the Taurus Constellation. According to Greek mythology, the Hyades stars were the five daughters of Atlas and half-sisters to the Pleiades.

Fixed Star Hyades Meaning

The Hyades fixed star group has a similar energy to Saturn and Mercury. Bringing out the prolific liar and scandalous thief. Violence aggression and weapons of destruction are indicated in a chart with Hyades prominent.

Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The stormy cluster of fixed stars is known as Hyades (aka “the weepers” or “to rain”). This is a powerful mix of astrological influence. This highly provocative, Astro-mix creates a volatile, dark and libidinous vibration… hungry for release.

Satisfaction and success are guaranteed if this stalking, obsessive and compulsive force is harnessed, however, if left unbridled to run amok then expect the unexpected… for there will be tears.  This is turbulent and manipulative energy best kept in liquid motion… so look to the element of water, falling or flowing, to soothe even the most savage and permissive psyche.

Midheaven Hyade’s position brings disgrace and ruin, often leading to a violent death. It also augers insight, ambition and eccentric behaviour. Beware of the mask these people wear. Sun in Hyades has a similar energy to the midheaven, although there seems to be sexual perverseness about this position.

The moon in Hyades stirs the emotions like no other. These aspects are prone to depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. Often this is a challenging aspect leading to knowing the self but not really wanting to change themselves for the better. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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