Spirit Guide Meditation

Spirit Guide Meditation
Spirit Guide Meditation

Spirit Guide Meditation How To Connect

Preparation Advanced spirit guide meditation: For best results with this meditation/visualization, complete it just before you sleep. Place a spoonful of pure crystal clear water in a small vessel.

Light incense and a candle. Just before you are ready to meditate, prepare your mind to put the day’s stresses to one side, take three deep breaths, in through the nose, and exhale out of the mouth.

Dip your finger into the vessel of water, dabbing your third eye or middle brow, and just under the nose with the water, lay down on your back, legs slightly apart, arms by your side.

Clear your mind, breathe in through the nose, experience the feeling of your cool watered breath against your upper lip, regulate, slow down, and relax your breathing. On each breath out, focus your mind on the water drying out on your third eye, becoming cool, and feeling the wind until all the water dries. Opening the third eye allows us to see beyond the veil, beyond our rigid selves giving way to supreme spiritual guidance and telepathic communication.

Lay still breathe deeply again for the count of eleven, One, deep breath in through the nose and exhaling out of the mouth. Two, breathe in through the nose and out of the mouth. Three, breathe in through the nose out of the mouth and so on.

Imagine yourself surrounded by protective white light. If need be clear the mind once again before drifting off into the visualization below, which prepares you to meet your guide while you sleep.

At any point in the exercise as your third eye opens, you may see pictures of random things, people and events, do not open your eyes, do not startle, or you will break the opening of the eye.  Just observe the images, remember them, they may be important and allow them to move on. Once the third eye has completely opened this will fade and you may focus your sight on looking for your spirit guide.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Far in the distance, as far as the eye can see, is a large wooden door. In weightlessness, start to walk toward the door. Your path built from nature is long and winding but without effort, floating six inches off the ground as you walk. Slightly and ever so slowly day drifts into the night and your walk reaches the stars. Floating as you walk in the night sky the door gets closer and closer.

After many moons and suns have gone by, you finally approach the large wooden door. It has no key, nor a handle and seems to be locked shut. With knocking not raising anyone, all you can do is wait, wait until someone comes to the door to greet you. Lay down next to the door continue your breathing and be patient.

At this point, it is quite natural to fall asleep, don’t despair because the essence of this meditation is found in your dream state. When you awake in the morning, the dream you remember will be one of your guides.

Softly and gently a whisper awakes you, “I’m here, I’m on the other side of the door waiting for you”. As you arise, the door begins to open, and radiating white light shines so brightly that you are first blinded.

As the light softens an image appears, an image of your spirit guide. When your spirit guide appears to you for the first time, it comes with a powerful sense of love, warmth, and protection leaving you with no doubt a connection has been made. Ask for their name and a small message so you may contact them again.

Do not worry too much if nothing happens the first few times, remember you are evoking your spirit guide when the time is right! They will appear. © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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