Psychic Trackers Sentient Watch

Psychic Trackers Sentient Watch
Psychic Trackers Sentient Watch

What Are Psychic Trackers?

A psychic tracker is a lone wolf trained in the ancient magickal arts. A person hired by governments and various other security companies to look for known people in disguise and or security incidents before they happen.

Scanning international airports, official buildings and places of interest. Reporting their findings for further surveillance with some handy tips about the person and their intentions.

Being a psychic tracker involves a deep knowledge of the mystical arts. Able to perform such skills as psychometry, scrying, telepathy, remote viewing and able to see the future clearly several minutes or hours before the event occurs.

A psychic tracker may be developed and trained by the military in some countries, while other psychic trackers are self-taught. Both will need an extensive life intention of developing these metaphysical skills.

Psychic Trackers Modern Surveillance

Psychics have always been used and abused by governments and warlike fractions. From world war, right up till the present day, psychics are employed in warfare. In modern-day 2019 other scares and terrors haunt us.

Engineering the comeback of the psychic tracker. Information is passed via telepathy in most cases. Eliminating the risk of using the internet or other communication devices. A psychic tracker has an extremely sensitive intuition of danger. Often placing the Pathfinder in dangerous places with hints of mayhem, so the tracker sees first the crime about unfold.

Long-term surveillance of a person reveals just about everything there is to know about a person. From past, present, and future to knowing the person’s decisions before he even makes them. Quite a handy thing if you’re watching a bombing expert about to do a nasty deed. How do we capture so many before the crime happens in this modern-day? Supernatural surveillance.

Is Someone Watching?

The Paranoia of a Wrongdoer: Someone Watching? I can’t figure out who if It’s not the little cameras hidden everywhere all over the city and it’s not the internet devices I use. Who is watching and how? A psychic tracker watches from afar.

Once the Pathfinder has found your unique vibrational pattern you can be traced through telepathy and energy pattern identification. Allowing the tracker to see your movements psychically through visions presented to him by the third eye. So who is watching is a good question, but another question you need to ask is from where are watching. and how much have they already psychically read about me?

The Pathfinder Or Psychic Tracker For Missing People

Some psychic trackers depending upon their abilities and favourite line of work will track missing people. This is often done through the use of psychometry and scrying to find the whereabouts of a person. Or to ascertain whether they are alive or succumb to something a little more sinister.

If so mediumship abilities will be used to speak to the deceased. Retrieving information often only the victim knows to the psychic tracker. In conclusion: I would say more if I could. But you see the picture unfolding, feel safe there are spiritual people out there watching over us.

Update March 2023. This article was written in 2019. The Australian Police now have a unit recognizing people in the force. Who display through testing. The ability to never forget a face. This unit’s task is to track and provide surveillance for wanted criminals. “Sound Familiar”© by psychic medium Ian Scott

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