Visualization Meditation Music

Visualization Meditation Music
Visualization Meditation Music

Take a journey within this visual meditation music, the animal spirit hawk will guide you through worlds you have not yet seen. Eventually taking you to his home, where a deep feeling of bliss and safety overcomes you.

Visual Meditation Music

Visual Meditation Music “Power of Hawk”. Ambient sounds and special effects make this meditation music track a delight for the ears, a soothing experience for the body, and a relaxing journey for the mind. Opening the third eye encourages intuition, psychic energy, and the gift of creativity.

Allow the mind to drift into a trance-like state. Imagine you are the hawk. See through the hawk’s eyes all he can see. Travel as if on holiday through the mountains, explore the trees, and venture where you have not been before. Let your visualizations be the gateway to relaxation. Connecting with a hawk on an astral level of consciousness.

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Joining your spirit with his. Flying as one being. Sentient in all its glory. From Earth, the animals show us a spiritual pathway that leads to universal knowledge and understanding. Enhance your meditation by committing yourself to full concentration. Allow your thoughts to be on the vision at hand.

The demi-god of the bird world sees all. Through darkness and trees and treason. Earth and all its magic is a locked door, to which the hawk has the key. Explore the workings of the universe through a hawk’s eyes. Develop your thirst for knowledge. As hawk tantalizes your spirit and uplifts your aspiration to thrive in the world of the metaphysical. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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