Spirit Guides And How To Contact Them

Spirit Guides And How To Contact Them
Spirit Guides And How To Contact Them

What Are Spirit Guides

Are Our Spirit guides real? yes, spirit guides come in many forms, depending on the life path you have chosen before coming to Earth and how quickly you wish to grow, as a spiritual being. Spirit guides or guardian angels maybe you passed over relatives such as a Great Grandmother or Grandfather.

Or a spirit being that has transcended life on schoolhouse earth or both. Or in some instances, animal spirit guides may show the way. The willingness to learn and how old your soul determines the spirit guides that you have around you.

How To Connect To Your Spirit Guide

Communication of all spirit beings is achieved by telepathy, you do not actually hear a voice, which would be disturbing. If unaware you may assume the guardian angels are your own thoughts.

We mentally ask ourselves questions all the time and answer them within our own internal chatter, these answers may come from our mind our intuition or our higher self or our spirit guides. Learning the differences between them is a challenge.

Monitoring your thoughts gives you an understanding and recognition of your own internal chatter. ( This process allows one to rid themselves of negative thoughts and negative opinions of oneself )

Eventually, you will know where your decisions and answers come from. Thoughts are like snowflakes and souls, they each have their own distinct energy pattern that is felt, therefore recognizable. Thoughts are sentient.

Through this process, you may find you already have been communicating with your spirit guide, but may not be completely aware of it. We all have an idea of how smart we are and what we can do and what we cannot.

We may have all had a strong intuition about things before and they have come true. We may all have had times when we draw on answers we thought were long forgotten.

Communication from a spirit guide is always fast, profound, and extremely wise, and this information will now live inside of you, as a memory. A spirit guide teaches all, including the person to be able to channel the spirit guide.

We all have at least one spirit guide, spiritually attuned people can work with up to five guides at a time. Some spirit guides and angels may come into teaching us a certain aspect of ourselves or the universe, and then leave, to be replaced by another spirit guide, that will take us a step further in our spiritual evolution.

The simple act of wanting and asking to be in contact with your spirit guide is sometimes enough to start the awareness ball rolling. Meditation will help you reach a state where you may be able to directly converse with your spirit guide.

Sometimes spirit guides will make themselves known through your dream time. Other spiritual guides may wish to have their message heard by many and choose automatic writing as a medium.

The journey in knowing your spirit guide and how they trying to get your attention, is a very personal one, mainly because to reach your destination, you first must know yourself.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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