Moonstone Crystal Meaning

Moonstone crystal meaning
Moonstone crystal meaning

Moonstone Crystal Meaning

Indeed as the name suggests, moonstone crystal has an unyielding and unbreakable bond with the moon. The stone psychically channels unbridled white light energy from the moon goddess herself.

The spiritual meaning of moonstone crystal augers love, bliss, contentment, and peacefulness. A calming stone especially useful for helping one to drift off into a meditative state. Equally powerful and used in a crystal grid designed to heal.

Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstone energy directly targets our emotional state. Finding our pain and grief. The stone takes over setting about channelling the correct healing energy for us to heal completely.

Universally in alignment with the highest of energies. Moonstone has the ability to heal emotional pain from our past lives. Sometimes this type of regressional healing is needed to shift our spirit into balance with the current life we are living.

Moonstone crystal balances the central nervous system alleviating fear associated with change. Allowing one to step into the future. By letting go of the past. A calm body is a calm mind. And the reverse is also true.

Magical Properties Of Moonstone

The magical properties of moonstones enhance psychic perception by stimulating the third eye chakra (pineal gland). Strengthening our relationship with our intuition. Building a doorway to higher consciousness.

Construct a crystal grid made of moonstone and place it in the centre underneath, a massage table or the bed you use for sleep. Will greatly enhance the healing energies and provide a vortex of energy with which to invigorate all 7 chakras.

Side Effects Of Moonstone

There are some side effects of moonstones if one overindulges in the power of the moon. Exhaustion will set in, both physical and mental. The only way to relieve oneself of this ailment is to rest. Usually, after 3 days your energy will come back. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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