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Goanna Spiritual Meaning

Goanna Spiritual Meaning The name Dirawong is given to a spirit creature,
also known as the goanna spirit. The mysterious protector God.

Goanna Spiritual Meaning
May The Rain Dance Begin – Goanna Spirit – Artwork Ian Scott

Goanna Spiritual Meaning

The Australian Aboriginal word for goanna (Lace Monitor) is Wardapi in the Warlpiri language. In Australian Indigenous mythology of the Bundjalung, an area known as “the land of the three rivers“. The name Dirawong is given to a spirit creature, also known as the goanna spirit. The mysterious protector God the Goanna is a creator being of the Bundjalung people. He protects the people from the snake or serpent.

The spiritual meaning of Goanna is one of inner power and survival, learning to find your spiritual warrior within. Becoming the stronger of the clan, a leader in pride and kinship. As a creator being, he brings the rain through dance, while sun-worshipping, to conjure his most divine of comforts, a sun shower. In the desert, a sun shower is a life in itself, coming alive. He is content, due to his powerful earth magic connection of harmony and balance.

The ‘Old People’ say when you see a goanna
climbing up a tree or old log, it is calling for rain,
to bring life back to the land, calling to the spirits
who may be willing to listen and send rain.

Trephina Sultan Thanguwa

Goanna Totem Animal

Guiding others to stand up for and protect themselves is Goanna’s desert wisdom. On the shadow side Goanna sometimes needs to protect himself from himself. Goanna totem is all about finding your strength both physically and emotionally. And recapturing or nurturing pride of oneself. Goanna asks you, are you proud of yourself?. If not, you must do the inner work to restore your pride in yourself. Goanna often appears to young teenage boys on a walkabout looking for their true selves.

Seeing A Goanna Meaning

If you’re honoured to be in the presence of a wild Goanna. Bow your head, if he does the same he is at peace with you. And wishes no harm. In this case, your message is, all things will work out in the end. But! If he does not bow and starts to scratch the ground with his front legs. He has seen something inside of you that displeases him.

At this point, if you can run to safety. Your message are you forcing yourself upon others? Goanna dreaming. seeing a Goanna in your dreams is a message you are to follow his magic and learn his ways. He wishes to guide you through your dreams. –  Proudly channelled by © Psychic Medium Ian Scott