Mimosa Fixed Star Meaning

Mimosa Fixed Star Meaning
Mimosa Fixed Star Meaning

A bright, blue-white giant fixed star Mimosa (Mimosa is Latin for Mimic or actor) Situated on the transverse beam of the star constellation Crux (the Southern Cross) 580 light-years from Earth. At 11.38 degrees Scorpio. And has an orb of one degree.

Fixed Star Mimosa Meaning

This fixed star links the ancient walkers of the land from other planets. Many many moons ago. The tale of a white man arriving on spaceships. Previous to that only black men lived on the planet Earth. White man came to escape from the dying planets. Which they destroyed through abuse of the planet’s resources. Sound familiar. As the myth goes The Egyptian aliens were the first ones to arrive.

Mimosa allows us to enter the land of things that cannot be seen. Like the wind and cosmic energy reflected at us from other worlds. Revealing the mysteries of the universe and all its workings. To the one who wishes to look deep enough into the world in which he already lives.

A fortunate star emitting the energy of the 12 archangels. An important marker in the star map of the galaxy. The gateway mimosa acts as a portal for energies to enter from other galaxies. A star with plenty of power and authority. Healing through the angels is possible with Mimosa fixed star in your natal chart.

When appearing in an astrology chart for a full moon the fixed Star Mimosa releases determined and persistent energy… energy which can persevere in the face of trials and responsibilities.

This is a serious time of change.  It is time to resolve and complete a cycle… leave behind old goals, awareness, and self-expression so that a new door can open to a deeper dimension. Embrace change.  Let go.  Transform like the butterfly. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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