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Fixed Star Wasat Meaning

The Astrological spiritual and metaphysical meanings of the fixed star
Wasat, for divination of the charts. by Astrologer Crystal Gaze.

Fixed Star Wasat

Fixed Star Wasat

The fixed star Wasat (“the Middle”), a double pale white and purple star situated in the constellation Gemini.  This trouble-making, pessimistic star seeks release in confrontation and “a battle of wits”.

But it is precisely this “battle of wits” that will cut through any small-talk and illuminate the crux of the matter at hand.  It would be wise to state your case twice (and again if necessary) to ensure that communication is precise and clear and that any new course of action decided upon will ultimately reap rewards.

Spiritual meanings and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. Concentrate… it’s time to consolidate your thinking and speak with authority because over the coming days and months you will be stuck in the middle of a situation that needs to be clarified.  Just remember to take “time out” if you need to catch your breath. © Astrologer Crystal Gaze