Peacock Spiritual Meaning

Peacock Totem Animal
Peacock Totem Animal

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

The peacock’s spiritual meaning is one of immortality, resurrection, integrity, strength, and honour. What are your true colours? Peacock speaks of revealing your own truth to yourself and others. Finding who you are and being happy with what you find. A symbol of happiness, raw strength, and courage.

The Peacock totem reminds us, our soul is immortal and forever learning. See each new experience as a chance to explore your own fate. Peacock is also a symbol of prosperity and good things in life. She shares her beauty to create smiles. Smiles enlighten and heal the whole world.

Peacock rules the fifth chakra the throat chakra, stressing the importance of communication and being able to speak up for yourself. Telling yourself only truths, not a stream of denial tactics so you don’t feel anything.

A pearl of great wisdom is found in being totally honest with yourself. Deep listening and absorbing information is a skill Peacock uses to learn more about herself and truly understand others.

Peacock Totem Animal

The messenger of dreams, astral travel, and meditation. The Peacock totem helps you remember your dreams and become active within them. A shamans power if harnessed correctly. If you serve the gods and goddesses by offering divine selfless help to others. The Peacock totem is your friend, your magic and your protection.

The energy of peacocks is both masculine and feminine allowing balance within the sexual pleasures of life. Peacocks’ sexual energy boosts her levels of creativity and her natural rhythm for dance. Dance embodies the peacock spirit animal, the dance of the peacock is a powerful ritual calling in pure spirit.

Meaning Of Peacock Crossing Your Path

Long life and spiritual well-being are yours, a gift from the animal spirit guide peacock. This is a message to always stay on the positive side of life, using your skills to help and heal others. Time to nest, be with your true loved one and make a family and settle into your own home.

Prophetic Meaning Of Peacock Feathers

The peacock is immune to poisonous snake bites and plants, the peacock feathers are used by shamans to preserve a decaying body. Placed over and bound around a wound the peacock feather will draw out negative energies and any infection that exists. Finding a peacock feather is a sign that you are about to become a spiritual healer.

What Does It Mean When A Peacock Comes Into Your House

When a peacock enters your home it is a sign not to take yourself too seriously. See the funny side of all things. Most of all, allow yourself to be free, a little vulnerable and a whole lot happier. Don’t chase the peacock out otherwise you’re chasing out your happiness.

Instead, wait for her to leave. When she does thank her for her visit, ask her to come back again. Because peacock has just filled your home with joy, love, and prosperity. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott 

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