August Spiritual Meaning

August spiritual meaning
August spiritual meaning

The magnificent month of August: Courage like lion, Strength, Enlightenment and wisdom. Workshop it! Use these keywords to make a short three-sentence positive affirmation that you can repeat to yourself through the month of August This will also help in the manifestation process of conjuring forth the energy needed to be fortuitous in our endeavours this month.

Spiritual Quote For August
Explore your true inner self,
through interaction with others.

Those Born In The Month Of August

Signs and symbols of those born in the month of August. The birthstone for August is the Peridot, a light green semiprecious gemstone. The month of August is also associated with the eastern zodiac sign the Monkey.

Western Zodiac Western Astrology: Leo Star Sign Meaning 22nd July – 21st August. Western Astrology: Virgo Star Sign Meaning 22nd August – 21st September. Celtic Tree Astrology. Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Sign Tree Holly: July 8th – August 4th. Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Sign Tree Hazel: August 5th – September 1st.

Numerology Power Days August

These particular days (2nd, 11th, 21st) in August are most favourable for prosperous outcomes. The perfect days to arrange business meetings and or romantic nights. August is a power month of the year, it augers in the energy of completion.

Loose ends are tied, and the past healing and the future are now a little clearer for us all. This energy asks us to venture outside of our comfort zone, to have the experiences which we have previously denied ourselves of. In doing this we open ourselves to enlightenment and spiritual growth.

August Spiritual Meaning 

August, asks us to release what is no longer needed in our lives and to empower the parts of us that we may have become a little frightened of. The first of August the 1st marks the Lughnasadh celebrations in the northern hemisphere and the Imbolc celebrations in the southern hemisphere.

In the last quarter of August month, there is a slight shift of energies reminding us to recognize our shadow self, the darker side of our nature. Bringing light to those darkened corners deep inside of us, which previously only brought us grief, negativity, and weakness.

This energy will help in the transition if you’re brave and willing to release the negative and embrace the positive. It is within the darkest areas of ourselves where our spiritual learning takes place. It will take some courage on your part this month but the rewards are great. August is a real moral booster with positive actioning energy. © by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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