Shamanic Drum Music

free to download drum music
Our Tribal Voice Meditation music

The drum meditation music video watch enchanted the drummer’s drum-up tones and tunes of jungle magic. In the distance, the drums call us to follow their beat and enjoy their rhythm.

Shamanic Drum Music

Please enjoy this free mp3 meditation music download, “Fire Drum” Our Tribal Voice, by psychic medium Ian Scott. Download – Our Tribal Voice Fire Drum. Hi-energy shamanic drum meditation is designed to inspire and uplift the listener to create, create change with positive vibrations. It helps one to gain inner strength. Tune in to the sounds of the ancients, and rise to the beat of the shaman.

Start a fire in your soul and let it burn as bright as the moon. Deep in the forest with a sky full of stars and surrounded by ancient pine trees. You hear the drums playing. Enchanting you to follow the sound. In the distance, the owl sends his signal of approval with his characteristic sound. As he passes by silently over your head.

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Behind you urging you to reach the tribe sooner rather than later. Is the scent of a tiger following your footsteps? The drums also call in the strongest of the jungle. Now you share your journey to the sacred sound of the shamans drumming with the greatest of cats the tiger.

As the sound gets louder and louder the smoke of fire wafts by. A voice in the crowd says come welcome those who hear the drums and follow their sound are meant to be here. Welcome, welcome please sit and enjoy the beat of the drum.

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