8 Ways To A Healthy Mind Body Soul

8 ways to health
8 ways to health

Mind-Body-Soul Connection

There is three parts mind body soul. The complete complex makeup of who we call ourselves. First the flesh and organs the complex wonder of nature the human body Secondly our computer the overwhelmingly brilliant human brain  Thirdly the soul or spirit.

The soul is our true self the immortal everlasting light body. Our light body has all three distinctions without the baggage of flesh. The spirit or soul is our super consciousness our omnipresent selves.  All three parts of the triad that makes up the human, work together as one or they should do.  In essence, we are spiritual being living a physical existence for reasons of developing and growing one’s soul.

Balance Mind Body Soul

To have a true balance of mind-body-soul we must master our connection and evolution of each one. The body is your temple your vehicle while you are here on earth. And must be treated that way. A strong connection from the spirit through to the body is moving. The human body thrives on movement. Sports exercise stretching eating healthy and not poisoning the body through the things you put in your mouth all lead to knowing your body.

Keeping a calm stressed free and clear mind is the most important step in knowing and understanding your own mind and its thoughts. The brain is kept healthy throughout the body. Without the right nutrients vitamins and minerals, our mind becomes unhealthy and susceptible to brain fog and depression.

If the body is not nurtured well fed and exercised our brain suffers. When our mind is subject to brain fog we cut off our connection to our true selves our soul or spirit. Without this most important connection from spirit. We subject ourselves to illness injury and eventually the breakdown of the mind and body.

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A good night’s sleep is paramount for the day you are about to have when you wake up. For the mind and body to recharge and function successfully. We have to provide it with adequate peaceful sleep. The soul or light body also needs to recharge and replenish.

By returning to spirit and the ethereal world through astral travel. Which can only be done through sleep and trance meditation. Without restful sleep, our very spirit dulls and loses its connections with the body and mind.

Allowing yourself to rest and sleep is important. Have you given yourself permission to truly relax? Setting a time for sleep initializes the body to start slowing down. A good sleep routine will breed a healthy and more easily relaxed mind. A peaceful sleep you will have. For more hints on meditation and meditation music for sleep >

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Meditation allows us to tune into our minds and body. In calmness, no waters shall take us away. For the spirit or soul to truly connect with the mind and body we must give it the silence it needs. To operate at 100% of our true potential. The spirit of ourselves needs to be able to shine through our mind and body.

A regular meditation routine is completed every day. Will healing ignite your passion touch you emotionally and enhance all areas of your life? Meditation is where we reprogram the mind and body to behave the way we wish them to. Through meditation stillness calmness and inner peace are found. 5 benefits of morning meditation >

mind body soulHealthy Fuel

Without the correct fuel, we will splutter and cough just as a motor car would if you gave it water, instead of petrol. The mind cannot be healthy nor function properly without it. a nutritious diet. Food is fuel food is medicine.

Want to live a healthier, longer life? Looking to increase your energy naturally? Then consider making some simple lifestyle changes. Small things, such as eating more fruits and veggies, staying active, and cutting back on sugar, can have a huge impact on your health. The key is to adopt new habits that support your desire to live better. Create a healthy spiritual lifestyle >

mind body soulExercise

Fine-tuning our body through staying active and moving strengthens our relationship with ourselves. In turn, harbouring a positive self-healing environment. In which our mind and spirit benefit. Spiritually through physical feats and movement, we are able to connect with spirit. Channelling in past life talents we never knew we had. Revealing skills from a former past life only the soul remembers. Providing natural healing.

A healthy lifestyle includes regular physical activity in all its forms. There’s no need to go to the gym to stay active. Fun activities, such as jogging, swimming, basketball, hiking, yoga, and power walking, can keep you fit at any age. Make exercise a habit and find activities you enjoy. The benefits are immediate.

mind body soulWater

Get in touch with water. Drinking water is the lifeblood of the planet and all its living creatures. The ocean, beach. Hearing the waves calms emotional feelings and helps us get in touch with our inner selves. Walking along the beach with feet in the water. The saltwater purifies heals and uplifts the mind-body and spirit.

Take the time each day to immerse yourself in water. Even just in the shower, we are able to feel the tremendous energy of water. Try this, aura detoxification through water meditation >. Seeing hearing feeling and drinking water balances and heals each and every part of our mind-body-soul.

mind body soulSun

Equally important is the sun. Adding vital energy and vitamins keeps us healthy. If you find yourself trapped indoors all day the need for sun becomes very important. Without it, nothing grows or lives. In times of the past, many natives have worshipped the sun for this very reason.

Take yourself somewhere quiet each day to receive the sun’s warmth. With arms open wide palms facing the sun’s breath in the life of the sun. Make it a part of your new healthy routine to pay homage to the sun and all its benefits.

mind body soulNature

Connecting with nature and its spirit helps us tune into our own souls. Setting time apart in your day to touch feel sense and be with trees plants and animals. Will enrich the mind, body, and soul. Just 5 mins of silence to appreciate the wonder of nature and all it provides. Is enough to enlighten the soul calm the body and relax the mind.

Listening to the trees around us the subtle sound of the wind passing through the leaves. Acts as a meditation all on its own. Laying in the cool shade of a tree with part of you touching the tree connects you and the spirit of the tree together. All you have to do to hear her is listen in silence and contemplation.

mind body soulThought

Strive for wisdom. Contemplation and gratefulness keep us growing and humble. Take time to be grateful for all you have.  Be grateful for your friends and family. Look for ways in which you may improve yourself to become a better person. Take time to think.

Contemplation is a wise man’s tool. To keep our connection strong with our soul we need to converse with it reaching our higher consciousness. Thinking makes a smart person smarter. Think before you act, speak or approach anything or anyone. The mind grows and advances through deep thought. Acting as a path to our intuition.

In Conclusion: Taking time out each day to do these 8 things will enrich your life balance the mind-body soul and return your energy. If the mind is calm and relaxed it will hold no barrier to your body and spirit. But if your mind is cluttered with stressful things we cut off our connection. This brings us all the way back to meditation. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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