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5 Ways To Align With Your Spiritual Journey

Five ways you can connect with your own spiritual journey.
Be your own guru allow yourself to find all the answers you need from within.

spiritual journey
Connect With Your Personal Spiritual Journey

Your spiritual journey meaning is a unique and personal one. Maybe you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey and need some help finding a path. Or you’re a seasoned soul carer and are open to continual spiritual growth. Whichever it may be, these five guidelines will not only start you on your path but keep you there.

In Search Of A Spiritual Journey

Don’t just read it, contemplate on each step.

1. Gratitude Cultivation

Learning to be grateful is one of the most powerful spiritual tools we have at our disposal. Start with the simple things like being grateful for the roof over your head or the food on your table. Might sound simple but remember not all of us have these basic needs. Take a moment to walk a mile in another man’s shoes.

What you’re doing right now, breathing be grateful you can. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for your family your friends and pets. Be self-aware of how much they all really mean to you. Gratitude raises one’s spiritual vibrations and lifts one spirit to a state of positivity.

2. Equanimity

In silence, wisdom is found. Each day you awake its important to set the type of energy you wish to have for the day. Taking a few self-aware moments just after your eyes open. To calm yourself, to create stillness, peace. Just relax enjoy a few minutes to slowly awake. Hold back those thoughts of the tasks you need complete until after you have risen from your bed.

If throughout the day you find yourself drifting away from your peace. Take a few moments to recenter focusing on slowing things down. The self-awareness will trigger your crown chakra to align and connect with your base chakra. Bringing the higher-self into play once again.

3. Body Temple

To breathe is to live, be alive. Remember to breathe, the oxygen we inhale, be aware of it. Take a moment or two each day to experience the healing in the air we breathe. Breathe in deep through the nose for a few seconds and exhale out of the mouth for twice as long. Consciously make an effort to notice and feel the air pass by the nostrils and flitter by your cheeks. This simple exercise realigns the 7 chakras and connects us to our body.

Treat your body as your temple, allow yourself enough time to get a good nights sleep, every night. Make a ritual of sleep treat it as your gateway to your higher self. A place where dreams happen. A time of recharge and comfort. A chance to heal from whatever ailments you feel. And of course, fuel your body with a healthy diet and remember the body thrives on movement.

4. Expanded Mind

Approach life with a child-like mind. Be open to anything and everything, don’t limit your self with concrete immovable beliefs. For example the attainment of enlightenment and spirituality without religion. Which this whole online magazine is based on.

Allow yourself the freedom to take your thoughts wherever they may lead you. Rekindle your imagination through creativity as you did as a child. Allow yourself to mind play. Expanding one’s mind is simply taking yourself out of your comfort zone.

5. Self-Reflection

Take a few moments at the end of each day to self-reflect. Most of our spiritual self-reflection is done by seeing ourselves in others. If we don’t like someone chances are we see something in them which we do not like about ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity for self-reflection.

The way we attain spiritual growth is through deep and honest conversation with the self. Lying masking or hiding parts of ourselves from ourself leads to decay of the soul. If you’re angry, you can bet your truly angry at yourself. Time to self-reflect. Copyright 2021 – Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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