Gooseberry Spiritual Meaning

Gooseberry spiritual meaning
Gooseberry Spiritual Meaning

Gooseberry Spiritual Meaning

Gooseberry (Celtic: Iphin) is one of the sacred trees of the Ogham alphabet part of the later introduced letters of the Forfeda. Letter IA or OI. Gooseberry is a divine influencer, which surrounds us in the sweetest ways, the kindred spirits of nature.

The core essence of Gooseberry is to heal and protect all life. It is the sacred plant that gives a lonely traveller assurance he or she is on the right path. Salvation shall soon be found. A true symbol of empathy, care and nurtured growth, both spiritually and physically.

Gooseberry helps you identify and face your issues. Although sometimes a little uncomfortable working on current issues. A knowing that you do not wish to repeat the same old negative patterns. Allow more love and light into everything you do. Fear is heavy love is light. Don’t complain if you’re in the darkness, simply turn the light on.

Medicinal Properties

A jelly made from gooseberry berries aids digestive problems and helps reduce fevers. A tincture or tea made from gooseberry leaves helps with pre-menstrual problems. Traditionally used in childbirth.

To rid a sty that has developed on the eyelid, point a gooseberry thorn at it and say “away, away, away.” – Lady Wilde (Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms & Superstitions of Ireland, 1887. It is said to have sympathetic magical qualities, representing that which is tasteful and the divine influence.


Not often found in folklore never the less is known to have a strong association with fairies and nature sprites.  It has also been connected with the ‘dance of life “ and the “mystic crane dance performed upon labyrinths throughout Europe. Gooseberry is also believed to be sacred to the Goddess Bridget. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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