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Elm Tree Spiritual Meaning

Elm Tree Symbolism And Meaning used for the attraction of fairies. It is associated
with the Earth Goddesses – Druantia (The Queen of the Druids), and others.

Elm Tree Symbol And Meaning
Elm Tree Spiritual Meaning

Elm Tree Spiritual Meaning

One of the 20 sacred trees of the Ogham Alphabet. Vulnerability, sensibility, empathy, and creativity are the core of the Elm tree’s spiritual meaning. The elm tree offers a view of life from an elevated perspective.

Things that had previously seemed hidden reveal themselves through this higher outlook. Indicating new wisdom and spiritual growth.  It is also associated with leadership skills and respect from others. Peace and hope run from the earth through the roots and up to leaves for the world to nourish.

Letter:  A
English:    Elm
Celtic:    Ailim (Ollum)
Latin:    Ulmus spp.
Planet:    MoonJupiter
Element:    Earth.

The elm tree has a resinous wood that produces a power blue purifying flame which was used in Celtic ceremonies of birth and death. The Elm tree is used for magic involving power, insight, and protection from malevolent spirits.

Elm Tree Healing Benefits

One of Elms tree’s amazing health benefits uses the inner bark of the tree and works on the digestive system as well as throat irritations and is a natural detoxifier. All parts of the Elm tree may be used medicinally.

The leaves are a great source of vitamin C, the kernels can be used to restore health after a long illness and inhaling the scent of pine helps to alleviate feelings of guilt and remorse.

Elm Tree Symbolism

Goddesses – Druantia, Queen of the Druids, symbolizing things hidden planet moon metal silver. It is a goddess tree and is sacred to Artemis, the moon goddess. It is also sacred to the Egyptian gods Osiris and Attis, both of who were imprisoned in trees.

The elm tree is a sacred protection tree gifted with earth magic. To protect oneself from dreams and nightmares, place a handful of elm tree leaves under your bed. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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