Healing Planet Meditation

healing planet meditation
Heal The Planet

A little introduction, this is an advanced meditation technique. If you’re new to meditation or need some practice, I suggest starting with something a little easier. You can find a complete list of our written meditations here. Place yourself in a state of meditation before beginning this visualization. For those who are trained and capable, please perform this selfless healing meditation in the astral world.

Healing Planet Meditation

Follow the sounds of the healing flutes. An open field within the forest calls your name. Help is needed to heal the planet. Can you hear me? If so gather your strength to follow the sounds of the flute and the beckoning psychic call. As we all gather in the forest to provide light to the darkness and healing to the sickness.

Conjuring deep rumbles, sounding stone dragons to rise. The thunder and darkness of the storm clouds above, come to vivid life. Combined with the coldness of the breeze, is a slight feeling of fright. In between the cracks of clouds shaped like dragons, shines a light that reaches the earth. Reflections and shadows appear again.

Open your serpent shoot your flame upward, pick up your swords, and plant your feet firmly in the ground. Twitch your feet from left to right to gain depth into the soil. Lay your sword in front of you. And take a seat, relax with purpose in mind. Release and align all seven chakras and fire your flame upward through the crown.

Slowly building around you a transparent bubble of protection. Stronger than titanium and birthed with the Gods and Goddesses blessings.  A shield rises around you. Place your hands in your lap, with your palms facing the sky. Start to build a miniature energy bubble in your hands, using the power of the colour blue.

Bubble Of Protection

Now you have the strength to expand your outer protection bubble to encase your immediate neighbours too. A giant bubble of protection. The more you build power within your blue energy bubble in your hands, the larger your outer titanium protection bubble grows. Eventually encompassing your entire suburb and all who live in it.

With all joined together focusing upon their own personal protection bubble. They mesh together, creating one massive protection bubble over the earth. All we have to do is maintain our strength and focus. Keep our minds clear and upon the task.

Remember if one has thoughts of darkness and despair, this will surely come. If one has thoughts of lightness and calm, this will surely come. Only, sickness comes from darkness and only healing comes from light.

Sending Healing

While we’re in deep meditation and visualization the perfect time arises to send out healing magic too. In this meditation, at the point where you feel your titanium protectin bubble growing.

Focus your thoughts on the people who have already suffered and their families. And also the ones suffering. Transfer your love and healing and of course protection to those very souls. Encompass them within the protection bubble.

Just before you finish your meditation, visualization, send out a prayer for those on the front line helping humanity with their skills, compassion, and empathy. Send healing and invite them inside your protection bubble as a final finish to your meditation. And what you don’t mention or think about is also what you give no power to.

Thank you, by doing this act of healing intention an incredible amount of love and psychic healing energy may be sent to those in need of it. My bubble becomes your bubble becomes everyone’s bubble. Copyright psychic medium Ian Scott.

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