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Relax Mind Body Music

Meditation Music Relax Mind Body a relaxing spiritual journey into the
Dreamtime with the Lord of water the Platypus spirit animal. Platypus
Dreaming is a free downloadable mp3 and is one hour in length.

meditation music relax mind body
Free to download MP3

Meditation Music Relax Mind Body

A free to download mp3 one-hour of meditation music. Designed to deeply relax the mind and body allowing one to drift off to sleep. Dreaming with positivity and guiding lights. Enjoy a visual as you listen, imagine the Platypus enjoying an afternoon swim.

The sun is setting, the waters are reflecting the sky with orange hues. The sounds of nature make you feel totally at ease and relaxed, if not healed. Platypus knows who he is, he changes his environment an housing to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Avoiding stress and allowing his home to be one of a sanctuary.

Platypus Dreaming Meditation Music

The platypus is a native animal to Australia and a very unique species. Platypus asks you to embrace all of who you are, not to shy away from any part of you. Learn to love yourself wholeheartedly even with all the imperfections.

Strive to be the best of yourself you can possibly be. Take a journey with platypus into the Dreamtime. Give yourself the best nights sleep and the strongest possible connection with your spiritual self. © Ian Scott

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