Curlew Spiritual Meaning

curlew spiritual meaning
curlew spiritual meaning

Bush Stone Curlew Spiritual Meaning

Australia’s bush stone curlew (Burhinus grallarius) is also known as Weeloo, Scrub curlew, angel bird and WillarooThe curlew has a distinct habit of freezing itself, standing as if a statue. Sometimes striking peculiar poses.

Not blinking nor moving in any way. In this state, the curlew is reading the lay of the land. Smelling and tasting the air like a hound dog. Its supreme focus and intense concentration.

The spiritual meaning behind the curlew is to stop and take notice of your surroundings. Take time out to sense your environment to be aware of all the sounds and movements around you.

This includes being aware of the wind tuning into the breezes that brush your face. The curlew asks you to get in touch with nature. Align your body with the tides always keeping movement and keeping a flexible mind like the wind.

Curlew Spirit Animal

The curlew spirit animal meaning. The curlew bird is intertwined with the seasons and is a master of all four elements, earth, fire, water and air. His psychic ability is so great, he will use his scream to warn others of approaching fires. And ring the screaming alarm bell when heavy rain is on its way.

As totem animals, these people are the protectors, kind and caring with natural energy to nurture. They will be the first ones to jump to help someone in need. Through empathy, the curlew sees the auras of humans. You don’t often see a curlew fly, and when you do, it’s a sign to fly with him.

Are Curlews Bad Luck?

The short answer is no. There is a lot of myth surrounding the curlew due to its terrifying screaming. Curlews are in fact highly tuned to their surroundings and possess remarkable intuition. Making them intelligently lucky.

Why Do Curlews Scream At Night?

It’s late at night, and all of a sudden you begin to hear a bloodcurdling wail that drives goosebumps up the back of your neck. Nicknamed the screaming woman for a good reason. The squeal is loud and horrifying sounding like a ghostly banshee. Giving us an explanation of why the curlew means death and suicide in some aboriginal cultures.

In fact, the curlew will scream during the day, at night anytime. Their eerie call is often heard just before a storm and in their mating season. The spiritual meaning of the curlew wail is one of sound vibration. The curlew’s high-frequency whistles activate the third eye chakra. Igniting our psychic senses. Hear the sound of the curlew.   Copyright-Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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