Wombat Spirit Animal

Wombat totem animal
Wombat totem animal

Wombat Spiritual Meaning

Wombat spirit animal. The aboriginal word for wombat is “wombat”, a totem animal. A totem for the Aboriginals is a natural item such as a plant or animal that is passed down by family members and brothers of a clan as a spiritual symbol of how one should be within the clan.

The wombat has an awful lot to offer the person walking the spiritual path. As burrowers, day sleepers and nightcrawlers wombats have developed a supernatural power that extends beyond their comfortable home inside the ground. With extra-sensory perception their strongest attribute.

Wombat hears what no human can, smells like a trained sniffer dog and has an intuition as strong as a shaman. The wombat has a kind compassionate understanding of the world in which he lives.

Moving with the flow of the universe and never in a real hurry. It’s this slow meditative wise approach to life that gives the wombat the edge in making life decisions and allowing time and patience to be the key to his success.

Wombat has an unstoppable determination bridled with bubbles of enthusiasm to dig. Digging a place for itself in the earth. This is the lesson Wombat offers, find you, find your mission and never give in along the way. At the same time, Wombat remains calm within adversity and relaxed under pressure.

Wombat Spirit Animal

Wombat spirit animal people are among the kindest individuals you’ll ever meet, always ready and willing to help others in need. Often Wombat totem people are nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, and caregivers.

Wombat totems bring love and laughter to any situation relieving worry and tension within a room or group. Wombat spirit people are often loving strong parents with wise advice for their children.

Wombats are the most affectionate of the Australian spirit animals. Possessing a knowing of sickness and illness within somebody’s wombat sets to work on a subconscious level to send healing.

Calling in Wombat animal spirit as a guide is most beneficial for those seeking answers to their own personal growth. Wombat meaning spiritual is in his essence a teacher and member of the wise counsel of the Outlands and speaks with great pride and understanding. When Wombat speaks which isn’t often, we should listen. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.  

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