Unuk Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star unuk
Astrology Unuk Fixed Star

The fixed star Unuk (aka “Snake Heart”) is Situated approximately 73 light-years away and rhythmically pulsates with a pale yellow light. This cunning fixed star from the constellation Serpens seeks release from the seductive, unconscious and instinctive sexual/aggressive forces deep within us.

Fixed Stars Unuk Meaning

The energy of Unuk cuts a swathe of darkness across the face of the Earth, the rhythm of this beating heart will stop for a few moments… and so with it the repressed coiled energies of the collective.

So seductive… and addictive, this uncontrolled and corrupt energy is potentially violent and criminal.  However, if acknowledged, accepted and celebrated, animal urges are inherent in the human species.

Can be channelled into a new realm of possibilities… where the undulating vibrations of instinctive awareness are harnessed into higher awareness, offering supreme enlightenment and a gateway to bliss. This is the beginning of the shift of consciousness.

The fixed star Unuk marks a point in time where ascension is possible. A time when the human race looks at itself through individual efforts focused outward. Entering the dark side of life opens us to see the light. Like a moth to a flame. Once the light is found through the blackness a new path forward is forged.

If this aggression is not controlled and channelled correctly it may lead to anger directed towards others. Unuk star in an astrology chart marks a point in time when emotions are heightened bringing about anxiety. Leading to cloudiness in decisions and an unclear mindset.

Once this has taken hold it is very difficult to turn things around. Unuk asks us to stop and contemplate our moves. Make sure we do know where we are going. Where our thoughts and actions are leading us. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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