Vindamiatrix Fixed Star Meaning

Vindamiatrix Fixed Star Meaning
Vindamiatrix Fixed Star Meaning

The scandalous and impulsive fixed star Vindamiatrix (aka “The Widow Maker”) is situated on the right wing of the star constellation Virgo. As the name suggests, this is not the best time to start a business venture or get married. Since the energy released by this bright yellow star is rash and headstrong and decisions made at this time may prove to be just a little too hasty.

Fixed Stars Vindamiatrix Meaning

Vindamiatrix owns the traits of the planets Saturn and Mercury. Linking this fixed star to the power of the mind and the adversity of invention. The energy here is dark though and all the positivity you can muster will be needed to tackle the constraints of this star in your astrology chart.

Trust issues with the self and others are prominent along with a passive-aggressive nature. Susceptibility to very low bouts of depression, nervous tension and anxiety. If not reigned in this can cause lots of damage to your social and business life. Look into the problems causing such irritability and go about changing those tensions with more pleasurable ones.

Even though the shadow side of the Vindamaiatrix star is truly negative in essence. It acts like the death card in the tarot. Where one door closes another is sure to open. The divine cycle of death and birth. This is challenging energy with plenty of spiritual tests thrown in. Use this time to better yourself as a person on earth. Noble and kind.

On the bright side, however, while this potent energy arouses the need to take steps forward, if the seeds have already been sown in good soil, then great success can follow.  It all depends on the seeds and the soil… © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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