Procyon Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star procyon meaning
Astrology Fixed Star Procyon

The Fixed star Procyon, Alpha Canis Minoris, is a white binary star with a faint yellow tinge. Spiritual esoteric and divination meaning according to the charts for the fixed stars. The fixed star Procyon (The Star of the Crossing of the Water-Dog) is situated in the constellation Canis Minor (Lessor Dog) a mere 12 light-years from Earth.

Fixed Star Procyon Meaning

This restless and hot-tempered yellowish-white star seeks release in fast and furious action… bestowing a strong physical drive and a sharp mind. Rise and success are granted by this feisty canine star, but only if patience is practised and good judgment exercised. Anger issues and unresolved pain from the past are indicated with Procyon in our astrology chart. This however is a good thing, as there is a huge chance these lessons are used to better oneself.

Procyon explodes our already given talents to new heights. But only if we embrace our inner truth and live that truth. This fixed star also Indicates creative events, town fares and community gatherings. A time to share our talents.

Remember that any enterprise created in haste will not last but those who plan and wait will be rewarded with victory. With a combination of mercury and Mars energy, the fixed star Procyon is strong and compelling. Enticing change through the chaos is at our lowest point where we are open to the greatest change.

Ruling the left eye, Procyon is a symbol of insight and foresight. A psychic protection eye of sorts. Vision and foresight are needed in your journey to success and freedom. Don’t allow setbacks or obstacles to clutter your path. See clearly only the goal you have set for yourself. Control your over-assertiveness with a calm resolution of the mind. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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