Lotus Flower Symbolic Meaning

lotus flower meaning
Metaphysical properties of the Lotus flower

What is the meaning behind the Lotus flower? The lotus flower meaning symbolizes purity spiritual awakening and the complexity of the universe. A path to enlightenment is found by observing the lotus flower grow.

Lotus Flower Meaning And Spiritual Symbolism

Often found growing in not-so-pleasant waters, the lotus flower yet produces one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. The Lotus flower is the holy seat of Buddha. Emerging to a Hindu yoga posture called the lotus position. A popular posture is also used by meditation masters of the East.

The Lotus flower embraces you in a warm spiritual hug, bringing strength clarity of mind and spirituality of the soul. Watching a lotus flower unfold its many petals is an enlightening experience that soothes the soul and calms the emotions. Opening the mind of the observer and lifting all self-placed limitations.

Lotus Flower Metaphysical
Sign: Pisces
Energy: Feminine
Element: Water
Direction: West
Animal: Dragonfly
Planet: Moon
Gods: Vishnu, Brahma
Goddesses: Lakshmi and Saraswati
Chakra: All 7 Chakras

Lotus Flower Spiritual Meaning

Rising from the murky waters, eventually resting on the calm surface. The Lotus flower thrives on the sun, unfolding into colour and beauty. Bringing healing, happiness, positivity, food (sacred beans) and health to the land and its animals. A transformation is worthy of any spiritual being.

Our journey through life is a series of challenges ups and downs rewards fortunes and misfortunes. It’s all about growth, spiritual growth, the earth is a schoolhouse a place our soul goes to grow. Learning becomes wise and finding our way to be one with the universe.

Spiritual Lessons
Action and Actionable
Love for Self and Others
Art of Compassion
The Immortal Soul

The lotus flower’s meaning teaches us just that. A reminder that our life on earth is but a grade in the universal school. The many lotus flower petals symbolize the continuity of the soul to live many lives on Earth before graduating to the rest of the universe.

Each one of us partakes in the spiritual journey of knowing thyself through the Lotus. Enlightens the world with love, compassion, empathy, and positivity and truly raises the consciousness of all matter on the planet. Helping us to achieve ascension and become a high school within the universe.

Lotus flower people are caring, supportive, receptive, and sensitive to others’ needs. The presence of a lotus flower totem person brings about prosperity and richness of spiritual growth and personal development. Generating infectious love and compassion between people in the wider community around them.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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