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Magical Properties Of Vanilla

The spiritual invoking of love and romance through the senses.
The magical properties of vanilla transcend smell and enter the zones of hypnosis.

Vanilla Magical Properties
Vanilla Metaphysical Properties

Originally native to Central America and Mexico, today Vanilla is grown in many regions around the world. The most common varieties of Vanilla are Bourbon vanilla, cultivated mainly in Madagascar – moderate floral tones, Mexican vanilla – smooth, deep, dark, rich, smoky, Tahitian vanilla – highly aromatic, floral with tonnes of ripe fresh fruit.

Vanilla Uses And Benefits

Vanilla bean is a truly wonderful, spicy, aromatic, extremely versatile, yet expensive and arguably under-rated oil. Vanilla is widely used in many industries for many purposes and remains as popular today as it has been for many centuries, where it was mainly coveted as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Vanilla, belonging to the Orchidaceae family, is a perennial herbaceous climbing vine, producing clusters of white-yellow flowers and green stems that turn into fragrant brown-coloured pods. The vanilla bean has to be fermented and dried to turn it into the fragrant brown vanilla beans that we purchase today, and this can take up to six months to complete.

Vanilla production is also very labour intensive, from pollination to harvest, to curing, vanilla is cultivated much today as it has been for centuries, by hand. As a result, Vanilla is the second most expensive spice, after Saffron, as a visit to your local supermarket/grocery store will certainly attest.

Vanilla has many uses, for example, it is widely used in the culinary industry as a flavouring, particularly in sweets like ice cream, custard, and cakes as well as in beverages such as soft drinks, tea and even coffee.

It is also used extensively in the cosmetic industry and can be found in moisturizers, shampoo, and conditioners, soaps and lip balms to name but just a few. Vanilla can also be found as a major constituent in many of the world’s most popular perfumes. And of course, in Aromatherapy, it is promoted for its sweet, perfumed, woody aroma. There are other industries that also use vanilla, making it a very versatile product.

Magical Properties Of Vanilla

Vanilla with its rich, sweet, balsamic scent and aphrodisiac properties invoke sensuality, sexuality, and romance. The magical properties of vanilla are love, sensuality, seduction, peace, dreams, and luck.

The aromatic essence of Vanilla induces sensuality, sexuality, and romance while enhancing emotional growth, and attracting good fortune. In fact, in days gone by, Vanilla was much sought-after as a highly potent aphrodisiac. Still today, many healers consider it a powerful aphrodisiac that relaxes the nerves and stimulates the senses.

Smudging your home or bedroom with the dried vanilla pod and a few other special ingredients. Will entice and hypnotize a lover into devotion. Rose Geranium keeps negative energies away and inspires love and happiness. Cinnamon is used to raise energetic vibrations and clear energy blockages. Ginger is warm, spicy, and energizing. Burning this fragrant blend invokes energy, joy, and of course, love.