22 Master Number Meaning

22 master number meaning
22 master number meaning

In the ancient art of Numerology, the number 22 is a Master number. An illuminated one, a Master number is a double-digit number that comes from a single root number. Numbers 11, 22, and 33 are Master numbers.

When calculating numerology that is reducing numbers down to a single number vibration. 22 is not reduced any further to a single number. It is read separately as its own vibration. Master numbers have an intensity and vibrational potency double that of other numbers.

22 Master Number Meaning

Often called the master builder, 22 is one of the strongest numbers in numerology. Continuing the path of energy of the eleven flows the master number 22. A number of great power signify a milestone in one’s own magic. The art of manifestation, from thoughts and ideas to a tangible reality that you can touch and feel.

A disciplined commitment to achieve the highest heights of one’s chosen profession. The 22, just like the eleven works on karma. That is, the universe will allow a karma-free time period. Until such time you tip the karma scales. And all at once, you may lose everything you’ve worked for.

The takeaway here is that 22 is a spiritual number with great power. Responsibility must be at the forefront of your dealings. A spiritual warrior works towards bringing the light into the darkness. This is the true meaning of the number 22. This number is associated with the animal spirit willy wagtail.

Unlocking the secrets of the universe to those who seek answers. Reaching the spiritual and magical level high enough to obtain the keys to the number 22. It is only the beginning, now you must walk the path.

Putting into practice all we have learned, is not as easy as it sounds. Still running the old mind programming we forget to have conscious thought. Breaking down automatic programming is the lesson in master number 22.

Be totally aware of all our thoughts where they come from and if they’re worth spending time on or not. Knowing the difference between your own thoughts and energies and that of others.

Those born under the 22 are compassionate soothsayers, light beings that chose to come to earth for the reason of helping humans to ascend to their spiritual selves. The people of S.O.U.L, supporting others under the light.

Angels follow these people lending a helping hand to the master 22. Healing with love and empathy comes naturally to the 22. And often these people become healers, healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors.

Setting change in motion, unlocking the proverbial steel door. That is what 22’s do. They are the ultimate catalyst for change. And always change for the better, for spiritual growth and learning to use the power of the universe, love. Copyright Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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