Gebo Rune Stone Meaning

Gebo Rune Stone Meaning
Gebo Rune Stone Meaning

The seventh rune and the seventh rune of Freys Aett (eight). Gebo has relations with the gemstone opal, both having favourable beauty. Also associated with the pine tree and the elm tree. The astrology correspondence is the star sign Pisces. A symbol of open love and great affection.

Gebo Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings, Gebo. Often called the love rune, due to its symbolic gesture of the kiss. Gebo rune is about relationships of all kinds, the power of the partnership and the binding of an agreement. A promise is set and said with prompts of loyalty and justice behind it. It Marks a situation where morals and honesty win on the path to success.

Phonetic: G
God: Odin, Freya, Gefn
Keywords: Generosity, Regeneration
Symbolic Meaning: Gifts, Love, Relationships
Element: Earth as soil
Health: Blood, Immune system
Polarity: Masculine & Feminine

A sign of many talents musical and artistic. The flow of refined movement and attention to detail. Gebo is the artisan, carefully crafting all things around him. Reaching spiritual growth through trained thought. Those with Gebo in their reading shine a certain kind of light. A twinkle that screams star. Influencing the atmosphere and mood of any place they show their presence. It’s a spiritual gift.

Magical Uses Of Gebo Rune

Scribe into rings and jewellery as gifts of a promise of marriage. Carve into red candles to provoke relationships if you happen to be single. Gebo is especially powerful and used as a talisman or amulet for guiding the right person into your life. Draw the rune Gebo on a piece of paper fold the paper seven times and place it in your bag or pocket to attract a soul mate. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

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