Book Of Life Meditation

book of life meditation

Book Of Life Meditation

Written meditation. Lay comfortably relax the body, close the eyes and slowly breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold focus on relaxing the jaw let it drop a little to relax any clenching.

Allow yourself to sink into the mattress making sure your legs or arms are folded. Imagine a long pathway off into the distance leading into a forest laden with purple flowers bursting with vibrant colour and scent, follow this path.

Reaching the end is a small clearing with a large stone in the centre atop the stone is a substantially thick leather-bound book. With your name on it and the date, you were born.

Unlocking Hidden Talents And Skills

Approaching the enchanted book you notice it glisten with what looks like rays of the sun. Feeling its soft leather and ancient dust breeds curiosity in you. Contained within the pages of this book is wisdom and knowledge of your life, your talents, past lives, your achievements and how to go about succeeding to bring them into existence.

This very personal book was written by you in between lives it’s a culmination of what you decided to achieve and learn this lifetime. Access to this book aids in great psychic and spiritual advancement quickly.

With such a book at hand, caution with steady speed is advised. Don’t read this book cover to cover you’ll forget everything. Hold the book with both hands, close your eyes and ask the book to show you what is most needed in your life right now. Then open the book randomly at any page the page becomes the key to the information you receive. Hold focus and attention on the page until the words appear.

Be aware of what your intuition tells you and remember any visualizations you may have as these will act as clues to the content on the page. Read the book very slowly this meditation is done over 256 days a page each day, it is a thick book. This meditation technique will unlock your inner genius and improve your meditation skills by 100%.

Executed correctly with rigid determination and commitment you are sure to obtain the spiritual advancement given to you by your very own book of life. Act upon inspirations and ideas given to you at this time of meditation. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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