Erakis Fixed Star Meaning

Erakis Fixed Star Meaning
Erakis Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Erakis (Garnet Star), a dying red supergiant in the constellation Cepheus (King of Ethiopia) situated approximately 1870 light-years from Earth. At 9° 50′ Aries with a magnitude of 4.1 var. Erakis star has congruent energy to the planets Saturn and Jupiter.

Fixed Star Erakis Meaning

A fortunate star shining brightly with plenty of charisma. This fixed star brings bubbly joyous energy to any aspect. Although if viewed negatively it will be hard to change your perspective. As Erakis thrives on optimism and hope. The shadow side of this star will drive negativity if that is the energy you are currently working with.

If this is the stance taken under adversity, favourable outcomes are on the cards. Personal development and a craving to become a wiser person drive this star’s energy. And Erakis does test the ones who think they are above others. This star cultivates an equal playing field.

Those with Erakis fixed stars in their natal chart have a lucky talisman. Acting as a channel to the spirit guides, Erakis ensures good decisions are made through intuition. Action is needed all through life. As the lesson here is to thrive on movement. Allowing the universal flow of cosmic energy to rush through veins. Inspiration through entrepreneurial endeavours shapes your future.

Found in an astrology chart on a full moon. This extremely luminous and the most illuminating star in the Milky Way releases sober energy… one that seeks to assess and mediate… and resolve all that is in conflict. This very special and beautiful star opens the door to a new dimension of consciousness… revealing higher possibilities of experience and a greater understanding of the meaning of life. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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