Dragon Blood Jasper Crystal Meaning

Dragon blood jasper stone meaning
Dragon blood jasper stone meaning

What is Dragon Blood Jasper?

Dragon blood jasper is only found in Western Australia the home of the largest dinosaur footprints in the world. Ancient aboriginal legend speaks of dragons and dinosaurs roaming the earth at the same time. Dragon Blood Jasper is a member of the quartz family ( chalcedony ) and is a semi-precious gemstone.

Dragon Blood Jasper Meaning

Dragon blood jasper draws out our inner strength from deep within us. Providing us with the courage and personal power to accomplish all tasks placed in front of us. Dragon blood jasper is particularly useful for those who are recovering from illness or dealing with extreme psychological difficulties.

At its core dragon blood, jasper is a healing stone, working its magic by weaving the spirit of the ages gone past into the present. For us to assure ourselves of a healing future. In this way the dragon stone also provides protection.

Dragon Blood Jasper Metaphysical Meaning

Dragon blood jasper crystal meaning as a visual tool is beneficial to the seer wishing to see into the past. Dragon blood jasper allows one to see past events, people from the past, and past lives. Of yourself and others. Opening the third eye chakra with ease and lifting one’s vibrations. Dragon blood jasper helps us prepare for the future through learning from the past.

To use the energy of dragon blood jasper, rest the stone on all 7 chakra points of the body for a few minutes at a time. Starting from the base chakra when finished, at the crown chakra, hold the stone in the palms of both hands. Close your eyes and think of nothing, but feel the dragon stone reaching inside with its powerful energy. And refurbishing your soul, grounding you physically, and sharpening your mind.

Carrying the stone in your pocket ensures the energy of the stone all day long. When using crystals for healing and spiritual purposes. It is important you do not use jewellery, as the other materials such as silver and gold change the energy structure you receive.

Dragon Blood Jasper Benefits

What are the healing properties of dragon blood jasper? This beautifully striking stone has a rich healing ability in strengthening the immune system by correcting our life force flow. Through connecting the spirit of a person with their mind and body. Ultimately bringing healing to all aspects of a person’s life, including emotional pain and past trauma.

Held in the hand’s dragon blood jasper soothes the weary soul. Balancing blood pressure and relieving arthritis and muscle cramps. Helping one to relax and release tension and anxiety. A good stone to connect with before beginning a meditation practice. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

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