Pranic Healing What Is It?

pranic healing energy ball
Pranic Healing Energy Ball

Pranic healing is a simple yet effective system founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. Master Choa dedicated his life to developing this system and for 20 years, he travelled the world and directly instructed young generations of future prana healers.

This healing method encompasses a ‘no-touch approach and it is based on the following principles, our organisms have an inborn self-restorative capacity. The body’s natural healing process can be accelerated using the vital life force or prana, which is energy available to all of us from the sun, air, and soil.

Pranic Healing Effects

Prana (chi or ki ) is everywhere and limitless, all living things radiate prana, and the earth itself is one big prana energy generator. This is the way pranic curators have access to infinite amounts of healing energy, it’s in the trees in the air we breathe and in the ground we walk on. Pranic healing was called acupuncture without needles.

This system imbues the receiver with light, grace, and equilibrium. The spiritual and health benefits of using this pranic healing system are numerous and here we will name just a few, attaining a physical, emotional and mental balance.

Cleansing all residual elements from the subtitler bodies, such as the mental and the emotional bodies. Creates mental discipline, peacefulness and inner spiritual energy. Healing addictions, depression, trauma and physical ailments, liberating memories and emotions that dwell in the subconscious mind and affect everyday life. Transforming and or eliminating negative thought patterns, increasing intuitiveness, creativity, and productivity. Heightens the sense of connectedness to the earth as a whole and the cosmic universal energy of love.

Pranic Healing Exercise Energy Ball

This simple pranic healing exercise is for anyone interested in experiencing life force energy. Prana is everywhere, you can easily sense its presence. Take a few deep breaths and focus your attention on your palms.

You should notice a warm or tingly sensation arising after a little time. Bring your palms near, as you would want to hold something in between them. When the distance between your palms is around 1 inch, stop and notice the energy flow of the warmth. Spread your palms, until the distance between them, is around 5 inches. Do the movements slowly, breathing in and out drawing in the life force.

Then proceed to close your palms and then bring them back out to the desired distance (5 inches) repeat this 5 times. Take your time with this. For the last part of the exercise, remain with your palms brought near.

Slowly with breathing in mind move. one of your palms over the other like you would hold a snowball, even out the ball you are making with gentle circular movements. Let your intuition guide you through this process, and meditate on it before trying. Observe the sphere of energy that you are now holding. This is your first prana healing energy ball.

Healing The Planet

Meditation is the way of the spiritual warrior, a way in which we may all connect with not only ourselves but the entire universe around us. A daily meditation practice soothes the body and enlightens the soul, this is the way to get in touch with prana.

Together with living in the same home (earth), we must put our differences aside and only strive for healing and love, the love for each other worldwide. With love, light, and compassion radiating through the people, it is inevitable that peace will come.

Make your energy balls and send them out to all that need healing, your local hospitals, people you may know, family, friends, and those suffering grief. Most of all send this healing love energy out to those that set out to make the earth an evil murderous place, overwhelm them with love from distant lands. Sending any other energy will only fuel the fire. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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