Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning

Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning. The Ogham Alphabet – Honeysuckle: Mainly as a decorative
climber, renowned for its sweet smell and taste.

Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning

Ogham Letters Meanings Honeysuckle

English: Honeysuckle – also known as Woodbine.
Celtic: Uilleand
Latin: Lonicera periclymenum
Ogham Astrology: Mars in Cancer.

Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning
Ogham Letter Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning 

Honeysuckle spiritual meaning. Hidden secrets and desires. Proceed with caution. Whereas Ivy – with its inward spiral spins its way to inner knowledge – Honeysuckle shows the way. Eryn Rowan Laurie claims this forfeda represents the elbow and flexibility, change and measurement.  Sorting out what is the truth.

Honeysuckle Health Benefits

A brew of honeysuckle leaves made into a tea can lean the lungs and act as a gentle laxative.

Honeysuckle Uses

Mainly as a decorative climber, renowned for its sweet smell and taste.  It is a great attractor of bees – who are wonderful spinners in their own right.

Ogham Magic Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle spiritual meaning it can be used in Spellcraft for binding and for “shelter” or protection. Twist three strands of the vine together focusing on your intention and place some of the vines over the doorway of the house or item you want to protect.  Or wear it in a crane bag around your neck.

Some people say that the symbol for Honeysuckle a spiral and others say it is across. OBOD uses the cross symbol – and I’m sure they have come to this conclusion with some considerable research and dedication to keeping the Ogham pure.  Robert Graves relates the cross to the bones of the whale in the crane-bag of Mannanan, in the above-mentioned text. by druid priestess © Jyoti Eagles

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