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Om Meaning Sound Of Nature

Sound Of Nature Om meaning a spiritual poem explaining how to reach nature’s magic
and hear her sounds. As om is the truest nature meditation. from psychic medium Ian Scott

om sound of nature meaning
om sound of nature meaning

Om Meaning Sound Of Nature

Can you hear the flowers unfolding,
the sound of the sun reaching its center.

The enlightenment of strength and freedom,
thriving in the sound of its blossoms.

It’s morning a new day shines,
and melts away the frost.

Can you hear the water changing,
morphing and giving life.

The first cool breeze
touches the aura of all living things.

Racing an energy rush of life and abundance,
shivering, wavering tingle of nature’s power.

Can you hear the freshness of the
air passing by your hair.

It is time to allow all pain to float off with the wind.

It is now time to rid the body of spiritual ills.

It is now time to find your morning,
to breathe your life with excitement,
for the ever-changing future awaits.

Can you hear the sound of nature,
the quieter you become the louder it seems.

The more you let go and just be,
the more powerful nature’s voice becomes.

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine – © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.