Dagaz Rune Stone Meaning

Dagaz Rune Stone Meaning
Dagaz Rune Stone Meaning

Dagaz Rune Stone Meaning

Dagaz Rune Stone Meaning and the spiritual esoteric influences for divination purposes. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark. Connections with the rowan tree, spruce tree, the herb sage, Ogham character Duir and the word day.

The sun shines its light through trees for the first time in the morning. Dagaz rune asks us to awaken to the light of inspiration around us, time to get creative and explore different parts of ourselves. A new dawn a fresh approach to all the things you already have.

Provide mental nourishment to your thoughts with manifestation in mind. The new dawn is here for you to start something new. A transformation takes place inside, a fresh zest for projects left behind to come to the surface. With a willingness to succeed and achieve the finish of a project.

When this rune is drawn it’s time to cultivate the mind into shaping your future. Dagaz is a sign of self-inspiration to entice the self into taking on artistic and creative projects. To move forward in your chosen field. With advanced thinking in mind.

 Phonetic: D
God: Heimdall Guardian of Asgard
Keywords: To take a step forward
Symbolic Meaning: Awakening
Element: Fire – Sun
Health: Fear, Nerves, Mental Health
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Dagaz Rune

Used as a protection amulet rune Dagaz warns away evil and clears the aura. Scribe Dagaz into invites for a positive party outcome. Draw onto legal documents about selling or buying a house to retrieve a quick sale. The rune invites positive energy into any situation. Changing and modifying negative energy and transforming it into positive constructive energy. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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