Remote Viewing What Is It?

Remote Viewing What Is It?
Remote Viewing What Is It?

What Is Remote Viewing And How Does It Work?

Remote viewing or telesthesia. The term remote viewing was popularized by Stanford Research Insitute which conducted experiments and studies. And was later used by governments for over 20 years for the army and defence intelligence agencies.

The word telesthesia is from the late 19th century from tele- + Greek aisthēsis ‘perception’. There are a number of explanations on the subject of telesthesia and they differ slightly depending on the viewpoint of the person telling the story.

This extrasensory is being able to see, feel, taste, smell and hear a person, object, place or event at a distance. Through the use of psychic ability and played out within the mind’s eye. The viewer once locked onto a target has full use of all six senses.

With advanced telepathy techniques, the viewer can actually influence his or her target. By sending telepathic messages to the target, if the target is not familiar with telepathy he or she will believe these messages are their own thoughts.

You can see why this is a well-sought-after skill by the military. Remote viewing has had extensive studies undertaken under scientific conditions with amazing results. The remote viewer used ethically has huge benefits for society and even in the medical profession.

For instance, searching for and finding missing persons. Delivering messages where no other communication is possible. A skilled psychic, using telesthesia is able to scan the body and aura of a person leading them to ailments and sickness. A truly fascinating study only really starting to make some ground now.

Can anybody do It?

Can anybody do remote viewing? the short answer is yes. I always use this analogy when trying to answer a question like this. Everybody is able to sing yes, but how well is a different question. A skilled psychic is naturally talented in this area. How well, is up to how well they use their psychic gifts.

A protocol of methods to develop remote viewing was taught to applicants during both wars and is still used today. One can learn to remote view through understanding intuition, spiritual growth, and discipline.

I have heard some mention remote viewing as a form of astral travel. This is where the line blurs. Remote viewing is accomplished using psychic powers (ESP) and the use of the other five senses. Through the mind’s eye using the inner ears, the inner eyes, and the inner senses.

Astral travel is a complete out-of-body experience. We all astral travel but not all of us remember our travels. It takes a lifetime to learn to astral travel consciously with total awareness. This not anybody can do. Remote viewing is a step along the way in one’s psychic growth journey. © from psychic medium Ian Scott

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