Aspen Tree Symbolism

Aspen Tree Spiritual Meaning
Aspen Tree Symbolism

Aspen tree spiritual meaning from the Greeks tells of Heliades who crashed to his death after driving the chariot of the Sun. His sisters turned into poplars and trembled with their grief. There is a popular Aspen grove dedicated to the Goddess of death on Kalypso’s Island of the Blessed. (Mac Coitir, Irish Trees).

Aspen Tree Symbolism

The Aspen tree’s spiritual meaning is associated with conquering fear. Its very name ‘Populus tremula’ (the trembling Poplar) hints at its nature, as Aspen quivers with the slightest breeze, always on the move, a way of shielding oneself.

The Aspen tree is one of the 20 sacred trees of the old Irish alphabet the Ogham. The Aspen is the Celtic tree associated with the autumn equinox. The tree is the nineteenth letter ( letter E) of the Ogham alphabet ‘Eadha’.

The word ‘aspen’ comes from the Greek Aspen, meaning shield. So it comes as no surprise that the wood from this tree was used to make shields. The sound E is the sound people make when they are grieving and one of the uses of Aspen timber was to measure bodies and graves.

Aspen can be called upon in times of fear and war
and all gods angels stand by and come to those that can
use aspen as a projected telepathic sound to call the gods.

Aspen Tree Spiritual Meaning

The metaphysical element is air, and the associated planets within astrology are Saturn, Sun and Jupiter. The animal associated with the Aspen tree is the dove. The Aspen tree is a symbol of resurrection and psychic communication with the dead.

The magical aspen is closely associated with speech, language, kinship, communication and dispelling of fear. This is the energy of the spiritual warrior. Aspen gives us the protection to master our fears. Perhaps one of the most important messages Aspen can bring is the setting of boundaries.

Listening to the sounds of the aspen trees’ leaves in the wind stimulates our chakras, especially our third eye. Sharpening our awareness and psychic energy. Time spent in an aspen grove will reconnect you with your ancestors.

The spiritual message behind the aspen tree is the ability to endure and conquer our problems, doubts, and self-confidence issues. By maintaining a healthy mind body and soul we prevent illness and gain courage and momentum to overcome adversity with willpower and sensitivity. The Aspen tree is the spiritual catalyst to knowing all of oneself including our past lives. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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