Giraffe Spirit Animal Spiritual Meaning

giraffe spirit animal meaning
Giraffe spirit animal meaning

The honourable giraffe is an angel of the animal kingdom. She exudes peace and tranquillity. There is a certain compassion and empathy that giraffes emit through their eyes and within their aura. It is so strong almost anybody who comes into contact with one can feel it.

Giraffe Spirit Animal Meaning

The giraffe is the tallest animal on planet Earth. Reaching up to 18 feet in height. This perspective is the giraffe’s greatest power. Not only able to see things with the utmost foresight. She is also able to see the future.

Within hours of being born, the baby giraffe is able to stand and walk. Although awkwardly and a little clumsy. The lesson here is to persevere no matter what. No matter how tired you are successful is your only frame of mind.

There is no other animal that can heal with such subtleness. Just spending time with a giraffe, opens blocked chakras allowing energy to flow through the body. In turn, the body starts to self-heal.

Spiritual Meaning Of Giraffe

The giraffe has the same supernatural ability as the Dragon. Able to go between heaven and earth. To connect with the ancestral spirits of Earth herself. When sleeping this is where the giraffe spends her time. In the astral world, connecting and communicating with the Gods.

Majestically graceful and peacefully aware of her surroundings. A giraffe is similar to a church a place of worship. Once in their presence, you’ll feel connected to a higher power a source of wisdom. The energy is unmistakable.

If you feel lonely, a little sad and need to connect to the world once again. Spirit animal giraffe is the one to visit. She will calm your weary soul. Correct your ailments. And point you towards your spiritual path.

An extremely sensitive animal one could even say an empath. Giraffes are wise creatures and they respond to all things rather than react. Actively engaging all of the senses as they walk upon the earth. Able to sense earthquakes, storms and land disturbances days before they arrive. The giraffe is one of the most magical animals on the planet. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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