Kodama Spirit Of The Trees

kodama spirit meaning

Kodama Spirit Meaning

Kodama is a Japanese word, Ko meaning Tree and Dama meaning Spirit.

The Japanese people believe all living things have a spirit ( Kami ) or soul. Tree groves are sacred ground all over the world, many have ancient buildings and churches built in and around them. In Japan, tree groves are closely associated with Shinto Shrines. – The Boys name Haru means born in spring. 

Kodama Spirit Story

Haru’s Journey through the Grove

Haru only had a small amount of time to reach home before nightfall. And within the Cherry Blossom Grove that he travels through the sun disappears a little faster. So he must go now and seize the moment.

When Haru travels he prefers to walk. He does not wear shoes so he feels the ground beneath his feet. He relaxes his mind so he can hear the sounds of the forest. This all keeps him safe. Even though he had done this journey many times before, his internal compass did not seem to be working. He stopped to gather his bearings.

At that moment a deep roar began to echo through the grove, the hairs on the back of Haru’s neck stood on end. He first thought it was thunder until he saw the majestic Blossom Tree falling.

I have heard the Kodama spirit cry the tree spirits sound he shouts to no one. Haru knew immediately the forest was warning of danger to come. Unfortunately, Haru knows this to for the land is marked for clearing. A clearing of the trees.

Haru cries for the forest, hearing the trees cry, is a cry for help. The Kodama spirit of the tree whispers to Haru for his help, Haru hears clearly and decides to take this message out of the grove and to the people. The Trees are alive.

Even though the trees provide the feeling of home for Haru, it is still good to arrive back to the ground he knows. With that feeling, Haru cries for the trees once again for he realizes the Cherry Blossoms are losing their homes and friends. © psychic medium Ian Scott

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