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Cougar Spirit Animal Meaning

The cougar spirit animal meaning, teacher of wisdom and greatness.
Cougar animal totem and spiritual meaning, learn her power.

cougar spirit animal
Cougar Spiritual Meaning

The cougar spirit animal meaning is one of focus and foresight with a direct intention to harness wisdom. Taking a solitary approach to spiritual development and ascension the cougar totem learns on her own and in her own environment. Listening only to her spiritual ancestors for guidance and wisdom.

Cougar Spirit Animal Meaning

Through patience, resilience and sheer determination, the cougar spirit animal encompasses the true meaning of indomitable spirit. That never give in attitude can only lead to success. Cougar on a spiritual level asks us to know our own power, to revel in our robustness and to celebrate our personal drive.

Strong protective energy lives deep inside the cougar and she is willing to risk life and limb to protect those close to her. Cougar energy is loyal to those she places her trust in and formidable to those who wish to cross her. And with clear intuitive perception, there’s not much she doesn’t see.

Cougar medicine is all about finding our inner spiritual warrior our psychic within and using our talents to prosper. Balancing our strong mind and body with abundant spiritual growth is the way of the cougar. Cougar shows leadership by leading an example. When this example is abundant and with compassion. The message is clearly received by others. Benevolent leadership benefits all involved.

Cougar Spiritual Meaning

The sharpest intuitions coupled with a prophetic psychic vision the cougar is the shamans familiar. Able to travel between the physical and the astral worlds the cougar attains knowledge and information known by very few. The shaman with a cougar familiar has a direct link to the ways and workings of the universe. Gathering intel and spiritual messages as well as guiding the shaman the cougar spirit quickly becomes the shamans strongest weapon.

Energy: Feminine
Element: Earth
Direction: West
Spirit Role: Messenger

Another powerful point to the cougar’s arsenal is sharing a psychic partnership with an owl, wolf, and bear. Working closely together when needed this band of spirit animals to have a telepathic connection and a similar spiritual goal.

Cougar Symbolism In Dreams

Being chased by a mountain lion in a dream signifies a time in your life where you need to take control. To organize unorganized areas of your life and to clean up past messes. To allow the future to be hassle-free with a forward movement.

Dreaming of seeing a cougar or just being in the presence of the cat tells us she is coming forward as your totem animal. All you have to do is accept her as your spiritual guide and you will see more of her in your dreams to come.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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