Meditation Music Aves

meditation music aves
Aves meditation music

Meditation Symphony Of Birds

The sounds of tropical north Queensland Australia home to the Daintree rainforest one of the world’s oldest living forests, with trees dating back to the days of the dinosaur. Kept in the whispers of the ancient trees are time and history itself a secret window into the silent ascending passages yet untravelled.

Trapped within the confines of our urban concrete and cold steel mansions made of asphalt rivers and plastic plants we forget the world is filled with natural beauty. To find a window with a view of serene scenes of flowing water and birds singing is rare. Take a journey with me even if it is within the mind to an enchanted land where birds love to live.

Free To Download Meditation Music Aves

This meditation music track “Aves” is free to stream, please enjoy it. The sounds of birds recorded are within the Daintree rainforest at sunrise and sunset. Electronic music and bongo drum by Ian Scott. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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